6 Animals That Outsmart Humans

6 animals that have great IQ and skills that show humans are not the only creative creatures on earth!

What makes us humans stand out from the animal kingdom is our ability to acquire, discern and resolve problems using logical and analytical thinking. Our self-consciousness and art of deception helped us develop our brains well enough to use communicative languages. All these signs account for the intelligence in humans. However, we are not the only ones who possess these qualities. You will be surprised to know how smart some other creatures of the planet are and how in some ways they even outsmart us!

  1. Chimpanzees-

The genomes present in us are at least 98% identical to chimps. They, like humans, make hunting tools, gather in organized groups and engage in fights. Scientists have studied their conduct to find they are capable of empathy, humanity and self-awareness. There are some memory tests in which chimps excelled more than humans in!

  1. Dolphin-

Out of all the sea creatures that amaze us, dolphin ranks first. When a dolphin scrapes the seafloor, they wear a protective sponge to protect their snout from rubbing against the stones. The creative actions are usually passed down from the mother to daughter. Their clicks and whistles signify some kind of language developed for calling each other.

  1. Elephants-

The bulky size of the brain sure has a lot to process and remember. They are known to be consoling family members and assisting other species when in need. They have high communicative skills that use vibrations sensed on their feet. Elephants also recognize themselves in the mirror, which is a scarce characteristic besides human and dolphin.

  1. Cephalopods-

When it comes to invertebrates, we might be doubtful if they can match the intelligence of mammals, but to our surprise, octopus, squid and cuttlefish’s brains put humans to the test. Their immense creativity, in comparison to their body ratio, functions in different lobes processing information. Their ability to learn, control their muscle activity proves they outsmart us at many levels.

  1. Crows-

As standard a sight as they are, you must have noticed how crafty they can be. The way they hunt from challenging places, make its tools from twigs and interact with each other to protect their community shows how advanced their intelligence quotient really is.

  1. Squirrels-

No matter how cute these creatures look, you are sure to be fooled by them. Studies prove that rodents are deceptive creatures who could be potential thieves. They can interpret the intentions of others and can learn from the conduct of others. They are also believed to make 3D maps to locate the hiding place of their nuts during hibernation. Some impressive species of squirrels mask their own scent with a rattlesnake to protect themselves from predators.

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