6 Animals That Went Extinct In The Recent Years

Did you know that few animal species disappeared some years ago due to significant climate change?

Human beings are blessed with instincts that help them decide for the better good. for over thousands of years, humans have a sole responsibility to explore their virtue while maintaining a balance with the other species in nature. While recently there have been striking results in saving endangered animals and making strict laws to let their population grow, some have slipped away due to climate change and entered the world of extinct animals. Here are some of the animals we saw but the future generations will only read about.

Sumatran Rhino-

This news made headlines back in 2019. The last of the mighty Sumatra rhino in Malaysia zoo passed away in November. The species was scarce and was put in special care with observations. Imran, the rhino, had regular visitors who came to see the last of the magnificence. There are now about 80 Sumatran rhinos left all over the world. They are believed to be the smallest species alive.

Chinese Paddlefish-

One of the largest freshwater fishes, it is found in the Yangtze River in Asia. There have been several failed surveys to locate its presence in the rivers, and hence was declared extinct. The overfishing resulted in the fragmentation of the species and eventually died out in 2019.

Yangtze giant softshell turtle-

The living population of these turtles are as low as three! The last female was lost in the process of artificial insemination in April 2019. The three male turtles are protected and kept in sanctuaries.

Indian Cheetah-

The Indian cheetahs are dropping by numbers. From 150, they are left to a handful. The use of pesticides and unchecked clearance of forest for habilitation has led to the extinction of the cheetah. The last of the species often leaves the forest for the village searching for food and leads to having among the people.

Spix macaw-

The rare species is primarily found in Brazil and is now a scarce sight. Northeastern Brazil has been converted to a wildlife sanctuary to bring the species back to existence. Any poaching or hunting is severely penalized, and hence there is a ray of hope for reviving the beautiful birds back to life.

Indochinese tiger-

Primarily found in south-east Asia, this species became critically endangered and was reduced to 1500. Hunting and poaching have been the biggest enemies. Strict laws have been held against the captivity of the animal.

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