6 Casual Work Outfit Ideas

First day at work, and still confused about what to wear? We have your back here!

How often do we stare blankly at our wardrobes ajar and wonder what to wear? That is almost every day, right! The confusion only widens when we select a dress for work. The perfect elegant piece to make you look professional and elegant can seem challenging. Wish there was someone to guide you through the dressing? Well, here we are! Here is everything you need to dress up to be a head-turner at the office.

Cardigan, Shell Top, A-Line Skirt, Pumps-

If you work well with layers, this is the ideal option to go for. You can swap your dress for a lighter tone if you like bright colours. Pumps can make any outfit look better! If you are not comfortable with the height, you can wear ones without heels. Pair your black cardigan with pearl earrings, and you are good to go!

Button Up, Trousers, Scarf, Pump-

If you have long legs to flaunt, dress them in trousers. Make sure it is loose on you and high waist. Wear it with a buttoned-up shirt or a high neck. You can accessorise with a bright-coloured scarf or a simple neckpiece. Wear pumps to give you the extra height.

Cardigan, Stealth Dress, Pumps-

Want to experiment with something on the feminine side? Try an A-line dress. Team it with a thin belt to make your dress look even leaner. You can wear tights and team it with cute headgear to give it a complete look. Also, try matching your watch band with your pumps!

Patterned Shirt, Grey Trousers, Skinny Belt, Pumps-

Never underestimate the geek look. Match an oversized buttoned shirt with slim trousers. Always contrast the colour of the shirt with your pants. The best combination so far is the navy blue shirt and grey trousers. You can add a slim belt of the same colour as your pumps, and you are ready for the office!

Solid Button-Down Shirt, Black Trousers, Scarf, Flats-

If you are looking for something straightforward, try a light-coloured shirt and tuck it in the skinny ankle-length trouser. Add a feminine scarf with desi flats, and you are good to go!

V-Neck Sweater, Trousers, Pumps, Scarf-

Want something for winter? We have it all. Team your collared shirt with a cute V neck sweater. Add fitted trousers on the bottom. Pair it with a grey scarf, ankle socks and pumps.

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