Published By: Ishani Karmakar

6 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

While it's a dream for most of us to own a place, these celebrities have set the bar really high and even got private islands in their name. Read on to who the celebrities are.

The real A-listers don't just have houses, boats, and jets; they also have their own private islands. These islands provide celebrities peace who are tired of being photographed on their walk to Starbucks with unrivaled seclusion, as well as a never-ending supply of sun and sand. However, it is not all rainbows and dolphins. Having your own little island comes with several drawbacks. NPR reports that one drawback is that you can't get to the estate without a boat. Even though that may not sound too inconvenient, those journeys aren't always a walk in the park. It might take a long time to reach an isolated spot by boat, depending on conditions and the tides. However, many famous people have really gone through with the purchase of their own private islands. Some examples are shown below.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion, the queen of the power ballad, was born and raised in Canada, so it makes fitting that her own island, Ile Gagnon, would be located in the Canadian seas near Quebec. On her 19-acre island, she built a French chateau over two decades ago, complete with ivy-covered walls.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

While the Covid-19 made many of us crave our personal spaces, the reverse appears to be true for Faith Hill & Tim McGraw. The pair, who have been married for over two decades, reportedly placed their 20-acre Bahamian island up for sale in early 2021. However, the cost was rather high.

Larry Ellison

Most famous people live in extravagant mansions, take dream trips, and drive luxury automobiles that the rest of us can only dream of. Even previous Oracle CEO Larry Ellison engages in such activities, but he has more ambitious goals for his holdings. According to an insider story, Ellison spent $300 million twenty years ago to buy the Hawaiian island of Lanai, where he intends to build a truly sustainable and health-focused society. To the billionaire's credit, this aligns perfectly with his eco-friendly and humanitarian inclinations.

Johnny Depp

In certain property markets, $3.6 million is a pittance, as viewers of series like "Selling Sunset" on "Million Dollar Listing" realize all too well. But that's how much Little Hall's Marsh Cay in the Netherlands cost Johnny Depp in 2004 when he acquired the entire island.

Mel Gibson

While most Hollywood A-listers prefer smaller islands for their vacation homes, Mel Gibson went for a much larger one. In 2005 Gibson lavishly purchased Mago Island, a massive island with an area of 5,500 acres. Despite Gibson's ownership, this unremarkable South Pacific island seems like any other.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Like the other two A-listers, Leonardo DiCaprio owns a pristine island near Guatemala that he plans to develop into a "green" tourism attraction. It seems, however, that in Blackadore Caye things are not going as planned, according to The Sun.