6 Celebrity Makeup Tips That Will Transform Your Look

Celebs have mastered the art of flawless makeup. Here are a few ways to keep your look natural-looking

Even if celebrities have access to the greatest cosmetic products and makeup artists, they still can’t keep up their perfect looks 24 hours a day if they don’t know precisely how to do it! There are a few cosmetics tips and tricks from the pros, courtesy of some of Hollywood’s top hair and makeup artists and stylists. You’ll learn them all here!

Use A Translucent Powder

As unconventional as it seems, applying makeup is an excellent way to ensure that your appearance remains intact throughout the day. Apply a tiny layer of powder to your primer. If you don’t want to seem cakey, use a little dusting of transparent powder over your face. Keeps primer in place, so it doesn’t shift and harm the foundation.

Apply Eyelash Powder To Your Lashes

What can you do to get longer, fuller-looking lashes? A small number of powdered crystals. Apply a little coating of loose powder to your lashes after applying your first coat of mascara to make them seem thicker. A second mascara application can help hide any signs of dust on your lashes.

Determine The Shape Of Your Eyes

Applying eyeliner must be done in a way that complements the contour of your eyes. Identifying your eye shape is the first step in getting your look. It’s possible to have eyes that are slanted down, hooded, spherical, or even only one lid.

Use Eyeshadow Instead Of Eyeliner

To apply the powder to your eyelids, you’ll want a sturdy brush to hold it in place. Before applying makeup, wet a Q-tip brush and let it air dry completely. You’ll be able to play around with a broad selection of colors this way.

Avoid Using A Dark Liner

Don’t go overboard with eyeliner or kajal if you want to make your eyes appear larger. Make a distinct wing on the top lid if you don’t want to go for a smoky eye. If you want to draw attention to your eye makeup, dab a little color in the outer corners of your eyes. 

Apply A White Eyeliner Under Your Eyes For A Fresher Look

Your eyes will appear larger and brighter if you apply a white or nude eyeliner to the waterline of your eyes. Black liner or kajal beneath the eyes is something most women use, and it does nothing except enlarge the pupils and make them appear smaller. Make your eyes pop with a liner that is a couple shades lighter than your skin tone.


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