Published By: Riya Banerjee

6 classic Anime that you should not miss

From mecha to isekai, Anime as a genre has slices for everyone

Anime is an ecosystem of its own, sustaining tech-fans to romance-heads alike. While Kanye West’s favouritism towards Akira!might not be convincing enough for you, why stick to the word of one person? Anime’s widespread popularity has spanned over a few years now and if you still think of Ghost in the Shell as an android cop movie, think again. Start with the classics. The genre has so much to offer.

Here are some timeless Anime that never got old and definitely should be on your watch list:

  1. Cowboy Bebop:
Spike Speagal might be the coolest bounty hunter you have ever seen onscreen. This timeless masterpiece stands true, even with English dubbed version. There’s jazz, there’s uber-futuristic spaceships, there’s sci-fi genre presented with characters wacky and fun. They even have a dog! Watch out the philosophical punchlines and sudden movements, long sighs and a family so dysfunctional they almost seem real.
  1. Grave of the Fireflies:
This Studio Ghibli production of war dramatizes and moves us to tears with this harrowing realistic tale of two siblings. Grave of the Fireflies forces re-thinking about animation. The production still remains one of those classics that well up your eyes every time you watch it.
  1. One of three Shounen:
Naruto/Bleach/One Piece: The first generation of Shonen brought anime like Dragon Ball. The second gen ushered the big Trinity of Anime: Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. If you are a budding fan of Anime, starting with any of them will get you hooked to your screen. All three are classic shounen and are still at the top of the anime list.
  1. Yu YuHakusho:
Yu YuHakusho is about Yusuke who becomes a demon-slayer/fighter with other rad friends who later joins his team. This might be overlooked for Gen Z anime-goers, but veteran fans will appreciate it’s worth. Watch it for the hero’s banter, the stunning transformation of Yusuke’s friends and of course the tale of a hero who won’t give up.
  1. InuYasha:
Set in feudal Japanese era, InuYashafollows Kagome as she falls in a portal well and gets up in another world full of fantastic beasts and creatures. InuYasha, the eponymous hero is short-tempered half-human person with a sword. Even though the show delivers laughter and heartfelt romance, the faint embers of past often brings chaos in their lives.