6 Common Hair Coloring Mistakes You Should Avoid

Changing the color of your hair can be a bold decision, and to make sure you make no mistakes, here are some common blunders you should stay clear off.

Once you have made your decision to change your hair color, there is no going back! However, it can reflect in weak and shabby hair if not done correctly. Here are some common hair mistakes people make, which you should avoid at all costs.

Washing Hair Immediately

Do not wash your hair the same day that you’re coloring. A few drops of oil applied to your hair and scalp can aid in preventing the irritation and stinging.

Opting For A Dramatic Dye

Try to keep to a variation by one to two shades when color-changing at home. Consult an expert for more dramatic adjustments, as it is better to be safe than sorry!

You Attempt To Match Your Eyebrows

It’s tempting to apply your hair color to your eyebrows too however, you shouldn’t. It’s not advisable to apply dye that close to your eye. Furthermore, your brow hair is different from that on the top of your head which means it’s not going to appear the same.

Its Not Left Long Enough

If you suspect you’re suffering from grays that resist color, perform a strand test to determine how much time is needed to reach the color you want. So, you won’t need to undergo the entire process of color only to find that you don’t have the coverage you require.

You Deviate From The Instructions

Check the label carefully if you are new to the process of hair coloring. Most brands advise you to start by adding water to make an oily lather. This is crucial as it allows you to spread the color and helps in washing out. Skipping it could cause some coloring to remain within your hair.

Grays Are A Bit Too Much

If your hair color is not more than 30 percent gray, you do not have to apply permanent color. In our research, we’ve seen that the demi-permanent coloring option can be quite effective at covering grays with this level of intensity. It’s also much more non-damaging and can enhance the smoothness and shine of hair. Make sure to search for hues that contain “natural” as well as “neutral” as their names as they provide an array of shades that disguise grays.


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