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6 Different Ways In Which Holi Is Celebrated Across India

The festival of Holi is colorful and celebrated in unique ways across the country. Read on to know about them all.

Learning about the many Holi traditions practiced throughout India's vast regions is a fascinating window into the country's rich cultural tapestry. Some of the most well-known Holi celebrations in India are DolJatra, Rang Panchmi/Shigmo, Yaosang, Baithaki/Khadi, and Dola, Lathmar Holi, Phaguwa, ManjalKuli/UkuliBasantUtsav. Read on to know more about each of them.

Holi Lathmar

One of the most interesting and well-known Holi celebrations takes place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and it is called the Lathmar Holi Festival. Lathmar Holi at Barsana is still mostly celebrated in the city wherever Lord Krishna was born. People from all throughout northern India, including Vrindavan, Mathura, Nandgoan, &Barsana, gather together to play Holi with Lathis and paint each other with powdered Kesudo and Palash flowers.

Royal Holi 

Although it's already been given the nickname "Pink City," Holi makes the city, which is celebrated on the same day, appear even more beautiful than usual because of all the different hues that decorate it. The City Palace residents of Jaipur throw a huge party once a year at their apartment complex. Because of this, locals and visitors alike are becoming even more amped up for Holi.

Dhulandi Holi

Holi is celebrated with a large celebration known as Dhulandi in the Indian state of Haryana (brother-in-law). It's as if they're in it together when they annoy each other and play jokes on each other. Bhabhis get to boss their Devars about and be irate on this particular day. They receive what they deserve for all the shenanigans they've played.

Phoolon Ki Holi

During the Ekadashi of Holi week, devotees of Krishna gather at the Banke Bihari temple at Vrindavan to engage in a contest called "Phoolonki Holi" using fresh flower petals. Beautiful scenery and the intoxicating scent of flowers combine to transport visitors to another dimension.


The coastal region of the Indian state of Odisha is where the festival of Dola Holi is most well recognized and celebrated. In most of India, Holi festivities last only two days, although in Dola, celebrations last five to seven. During FalgunDashmi, the first day of the Dola festival, devotees take their deities on such a Yatra and feed them Bhog.


It is in the springtime, or Basant when the Holi festival is held. BasantRitu is welcomed with open arms in West Bengal. Everyone dresses in yellow for BasantUtsav so they may spend the day playing Holi with Gulaal. The Dol is also an integral feature of the Holi festivities in Bengal. DolaYatra is a religious parade held on the main day.