6 Easy Ways To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Chipped-off nail polish can embarrass you like nothing else. Here are ways to make your nail polish last longer without the need for touchups.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a hefty sum on a manicure and then finding the polish chipped and peeling in just a few days. We know nail polish isn’t a permanent fix, however, it’s sad that a perfect manicure can last so short. The good news is, according to professionals, you can make the shine last for much longer by following these tricks. Read in to know what they are.

Don’t Soak

Soaking your nails in water may distort and widen the nail’s shape. However, when you paint the polish on the nail, it dries. This causes your polish to chip prematurely. It’s important not to soak your fingers after your manicure. Water can affect your nails, causing them to contract and expand and lift the color.

After Filing, Buff The Nails

After trimming and shaping your nails, make sure you don’t forget the buffer. It is possible to have tiny micro-frays on the nail that you might not be able to see. But know that when the rough edges begin to peel, the polish will follow it.

Beware Of Polishing Your Cuticles

It’s more difficult to do than to say it, however, try your best to stay within the lines. You shouldn’t allow the lacquer to get absorbed in your cuticles. The makeup on the skin can peel off faster than the paint on your nails. If your polish is smudge-proof, once the paint disappears from your cuticles the nail polish will begin to chip.

Push Your Cuticles Back

When polish sticks to your cuticles, it’s easy to peel and ruin your manicure. Pushing them back gently using an object made of wood or a cuticle pusher could help make enough space on your nail plate.

Make Use Of Conditioning, Nourishing Polishes

A general rule of thumb is, nails are fragile, and the polish will break them more easily. Products which contain moisturizing, nourishing ingredients are indeed a little more durable. That’s the case for topcoats, colors as well as base coats.

Apply A Topcoat That Resists Chipping

Topcoats do much more than just provide an elegant leather finish. Find a high-quality resistance to chipping polish. It will also prevent the polish from peeling with time.


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