6 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Home Dust Free

Six secrets to having a dust-free house that will keep you off any airborne ailments and help you breathe fresh and healthy.

Cleaning your house would be tons easier if you could get rid of the dust monster! Creeping in every corner of your room, the persuasive delinquent makes your cleaning a considerable task to accomplish.

All the pollen, dead skin particles, hair swells to give you aliments like asthma, allergies and breathing problems.

Deducting dust molecules in your home makes a massive difference to the quality of the air you breathe in your home. It improves the durability of your appliances and furniture as well.

Here are some excellent hacks that we can follow to minimize the quantity of dust that creeps in our home.

  1. Use a Door Mat-

Every visitor who comes to your house bring the unwanted guest of dirt and dust along with them. Even if you feel rude to ask them to remove their shoes and enter, the better option would be to place a tough bristled doormat right in front of the house. Before anyone enters, make them brush the base of their shoes to ensure dust-free welcoming of your guest.

  1. Keep Your Pets Groomed-

If you own a pet, you will see a large portion of the accumulated dust is created with the pet hair floating about and resting on your carpet and clothes. Grooming your furry buddies regularly and bathing them can reduce the hair fall problem and hence save you from allergies.

  1. Draw Your Curtains-

Even though letting in sunlight is a necessity, you must have seen open windows gather the maximum amount of dust to gush in your house. Using tiny screen curtains will keep straining the dust and let the wind and sunlight disinfect your home.

  1. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Carpeting-

It might feel like carpeted floors lessen the amount of dust, but it absorbs the dust. Every time you walk on, it releases the dust molecules in the air giving you airborne allergies. If you want to decorate your floor, make sure you put small mats that can be washed regularly to avoid spill of dust.

  1. Wash Your Beddings-

Make sure you don’t sleep on the same bed and pillow before dusting them. Even if you wash the pillowcase and sheets, mites might live inside your pillows. The best way to get rid of them is to place them in bright sunlight during the day and before you bring them inside, dust them off clean. You are sure to have a good night sleep and will also heal any shoulder ache you have.

  1. Vacuum the Curtains as Well-

When we vacuum our rooms, we often clean the base level and ignore the things on the wall. The curtains and couch have an equal amount of dirt. The secret to ideal cleansing would be to start with the walls and then end up cleaning the floor.

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