Published By: Rinks

6 Gift Ideas for Your Long-Distance Best Friend Forever

The best birthday gift ideas to send to your best friend that will bring you both closer despite being far from each other.

Don’t we all miss the time when we barged in our best friend’s room at 12’0 clock with a birthday cake and sang them a happy birthday!

With time our work-life got us miles apart from our best friends, and only a few are fortunate to be in the same city with the person you shared your first tiffin! But don’t you worry. Distance can’t get between friends, and we have the best idea of gifts and surprised that will keep you both connected no matter how far you physically are from your best friend.

  1. Sing For The Birthday Pal-
Who would not feel special if you arrange a little orchestra, especially for your BFF! If you think you are not going to be able to write a song on your own, you can always fix up on your best friends favourite song! The effort you put up in recording the music is surely going to count as the most thoughtful gift ever.
  1. A Book about What You Love in Your Best Friend-
No one boosts up your self-esteem better than your best friend, and now you must return the favour. Make a cute journal of 10 reasons why you love your best friend to the moon and back. A gift like that is going to get you both even closer.
  1. A Wallet-
Exclusively for your forgetful best friend, gift them a big fat wallet to fit in all their cash, cards, documents and even passport. This gift is going to save them from a lot of situations, and they are going to remember you each time they take the wallet out!
  1. A Scrapbook-
By now, you must have collected like a million memories together. And some of them you can even recreate and paste in a scrapbook. The first ticket of the movie you both sneak out to, or the bill of the first pizza you ordered! Paste them all together with their dates to show how much you both have grown up together.
  1. Chocolate Hamper Bag-
Honestly, there is no age to being a chocolate lover. Please make a list of your best friend’s favourite chocolates and keep them packed in a basket. Post them a day before so that they can wake up on their birthday with the rich aroma of a basket full of dreams!
  1. The Coffee Mug-
The function of a mug is more than just holding your beverage for you. Printed words on the cup keep you feeling supported emotionally. Please grab a cup that shows your best friend how much they mean to you and watch them preserve the mug forever with utmost care.