6 Indian Locations Better Than Foreign Destinations

Keep your passport aside; these exotic locations in India will give you the best travel experience without having to spend a ton of money!

In dire need of a holiday, but fear the never-ending visa formalities? Well, you may find what you are looking for much closer to home. These beautiful locations in India will captivate you with its beauty – and won’t cost you as much as a foreign trip. From rich architecture to beautiful snow-clad mountains, India has it all. Here are the choicest locations you can visit in India.

  1. Kashmir

The jaw-dropping beauty of Switzerland can be experienced in a lesser pricy destination – the majestic Kashmir valleys. The scenic mountains are no less than the Alps. Kashmir is rightly called Paradise on Earth. The local foods are exotic and extremely delicious. During spring, Kashmir gets covered in beautiful flowers, offering a splendid view. Also, a ride in the Shikara is a must!

  1. The Chitrakote Falls

Want to see India’s own Niagara Falls? Located in the Bastar district, the spectacular 1000 feet wide falls is a roaring spectacle. The horse shoe shaped falls has a resemblance to Niagara falls.

  1. Tea Plantation In Kerala

Budget-friendly Kerala is perfect for a solo trip. Munnar boasts ofa beautiful tea plantation, and has tea lovers visiting the place from all over the world. The Tata museum showcasing its tea history is a great place to visit. If you like your holidays to be laid back and relaxed, this is a place you need to visit – alone or with your loved ones!

  1. Khajjiar Hills

These hills in Himachal Pradesh are what affordable Switzerland would look like. The small and cozy town, 26 km uphill from Dalhousie,showcases snowcapped mountains, picturesque landscapes and fresh, cold air. The beautiful weather all year round makes it ideal for touring.

  1. The Thar Desert

If you are a desert fan, instead of travelling to Egypt to see Sahara, travel to our very own Rajasthan to experience the beauty of the Thar Desert. The golden grains of sand will mesmerize you to the core. The camel rides and sand surfing options make it a fun place to visit with your friends. You can also stay in a tent overnight in the desert and see the sand dunes in the moonlight. A once in a lifetime experience!

  1. Rann Of Kutch

All you need is a camera and a big tube of sunblock cream, and you are good to go. The endless dunes of salt are something you need to visit the place in person to see. The white grounds are unbelievably beautiful and unique to this place.

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