6 Movies with costume designed by famous designers

Givenchy’s little black dress for Audrey Hepburn is not the only paramount costume designing by a world famous designer. Movies over decades have brought in help from renowned designer to craft the period dresses for movies. Costumes are essential part of a film. Collaborating with fashion’s great minds, have given films, over decades, some of the chicest, classiest, daintiest costumes that have hammered themselves in cinema’s fashion history. From Coco Chanel to Lagerfeld, designers have oft turned their skill to designing for films, and the result has been beyond indelible.

Here’s a list of movies with costumes designed by famous designers.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Designer: Hubert de Givenchy

Audrey Hepburn’s stroll as she window shops in the sleeveless black satin dress, pearl necklace, gloves is probably one of the chicest fashion moment in cinematic history, courtesy of Givenchy. The little black dress was the inspiration for Hepburn’s in-movie dress, and resides in Givenchy’s archives.

Black Swan

Designer: Rodarte

Rodarte sisters designed two of the film’s ballerina dresses, strapless with full tulle skirts, that Natalie Portman dons in the final scene of the movie.

James Bond: Spectre

Designer: John Ford

When in comes to designing for Bond, James Bond, one of the classiest spies out there, Tom Ford comes in with smart cut suits, sleek jackets with impeccable taste.

The Fifth Element

Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier

A sci-fi film needs extra eye for futuristic designing and Gaultier provides the right does of cut out dresses for stewardesses, Leeloo’s white bondage-style dress, or Ruby Roo’s leopard printed costumes, and even the McDonald’s girls’ choiciest dresses.

The Great Gatsby

Designer: Miuccia Prada

The Roaring 20s was fashionista’s paradise. Prada brought the golden age of fashion to life with The Great Gatsby’s costume designing. The fashion reflected the European fashion back them that was brought to the high society of New York, the rendition of the flapper girl and revibed with gold and satin, fabulous head gears and, oh Gatsby suit.

Last Year in Marienbad

Designer: Coco Chanel

The French New Wave classic features Chanel’s groundbreaking in-house signature designs, made for the protagonist, and creating exquisite dresses in various fabrics, a Chanel signature in chiffon, satin, lace and everything comfortable.

American Gigolo

Designer: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, a behemoth name in fashion, rose to fame after the classy, refined and relaxed designing for Richard Gere in the film. Giorgio swapped the stoic clothes of masculinity for a more informal clothes and was pretty groundbreaking on its own.


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