6 Oldest People In The World

Age is just a number, and for these people, it exceeds two-digits!

Imagine a surprise birthday party arranged by your family and friends where the candles on the cake stand as perfect 100! Having a century of a birthday is a dream for everyone. A beautiful, healthy life where you have seen the ages change, technology development and gained the experience of a lifetime. As rare as it sounds, here are some of the oldest people living on earth who have crossed a century over a decade and have many more years of happiness to experience.

  1. Kane Tanaka-

Born on January 2, 1903, Kane Tanaka is 118, and is one of the most senior people walking on earth. She believes she owes her lifelong attributes to God. An ardent lover of travelling and poetry, she continues to live happily with her family.

  1. Lucile Randon-

Born on February 11, she is 117 years old in 2021. She is presently a nun who has sharp memories of her past. She often retrieves the times of two world wars where she served as a governess and teacher and how times have changed till now.

  1. Mina Kitagawa-

Born on November 3, 1905, she is going to turn 115 in 2021! Mina Kitagawa is one of the oldest people living in Japan. Her smile and innocence deceives her age and is as hardworking as she was in her youth.

  1. Noene De Silveira Freitas-

Born on September 7, 1905, she is going to be 115 years old in 2021. The reasonably healthy lady is the oldest living human in South America. She is taken care of by her dearly loved daughter, who nurses her while dealing with a thyroid issue that has reduced her mobility. She says she was lucky enough to be married to the love of her life while she was a teen, and he was by her side all her life till he passed away at the age of 98.

  1. Iris Westman-

Born on August 28, 1905, Iris Westman is the oldest living woman on American soil. In her youth, she pursued her career and became a teacher and a librarian. Even with her weak eyes, she listens to audiobooks and soaks herself in knowledge whenever possible.

  1. Hester Ford-

Born on August 15, Hester Ford will turn 115 in 2021. She was born in Lancaster in California and owns a farm. Being a staunch believer of Christianity, even though she has succumbed to dementia, she can say the Bible’s verses just as they are.

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