6 Outdoor Poses To Make Your Portraits Unforgettable

Need to make your Instagram page stand out? Here are some poses to master that will get you all the followers in the world.

Be it a couple photoshoot or your single portrait, a good picture is what you need to keep your social life interesting. Though a good picture has many factors that make it attractive, like a good lens, a good technique, good background, the pose also makes a significant difference to your photograph. Here are some of the poses that are chosen from profiles worldwide and have acquired likes beyond imagination!

A Sun Capture-

No matter where you go for a vacation, a setting sun gives you ample opportunities to make the best of your click. Instead of clicking the typical sun and scenery, make the sun look like you are throwing a ball or playing catch with the sun.

Head On Lap-

Having a couple shoot is something that moves the whole internet. Instead of doing the usual hand-holding and standing side by side, get a picture with one of them lying on the lap and make it a black and white photo to give a timeless touch to it.

Recreating Old Photos-

What took the internet by sensation is recreating old childhood pictures. The best part is no matter how crazy the photo is, it will only look cuter. Try being in the same place and bringing all people in the image around.

The Shadow Photos-

Shadow poses are another things that attract people all over the world. To make the best of your click, make sure you have a pose that distinct your outline and edit the photo to create maximum contrast to highlight your background and darken your shadow.

The String Of Lights-

The rice lights never got out of fashion. Every festive season they light up and make your photo even more exciting and colourful. To make them stand out, use yellow light and wrap them in props like transparent umbrella and curtains.

The Mirror Experimentation-

Reflection makes the best of illusion portraits. If you feel getting a river reflection is not at your disposal, then try a mirror. Keep it on the floor and stand on it, so it looks like a reflecting water body. You can sprinkle water droplets on the mirror to make it look even more natural.

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