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6 Places To Visit In The United Kingdom That’ll Make Your Trip Feel Memorable

If you thought the UK was all about castles, think again! Here are some of the most bizarre places to visit while you are there.

The United Kingdom, being one of the world's most influential countries, receives millions of visitors annually. The country is a historical and artistic hotspot, known for its Scottish scenery, British royal family, British Beatles, and several castles and forts. Take a tour of London's streets or take the train to nearby university cities like Oxford to learn about the city's rich history and culture. The United Kingdom is home to countless attractions, but only a select handful truly shine. Keep reading to learn about the most popular attractions in the United Kingdom.

Big Ben

In the summer, Big Ben ranks among the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. Indeed, it is the name of a clock tower that stands next to Westminster Abbey in the heart of London. Augustus Pugin envisioned the tower to be around a hundred meters in height. With its designation as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the location attracts crowds of tourists annually who can't wait to have their picture taken in front of the landmark.

Ferris wheel

When most people think of London, they picture this enormous Ferris wheel. Situated on the banks of the Thames, this wheel is a favorite among tourists, especially young couples, for its breathtaking views of the city. About 140 meters in height, the wheel is traversed using 32 capsules located around its periphery.


Stonehenge, a Neolithic landmark, is a must-see for any family traveling to the United Kingdom. It is believed that this site, located near Amesbury, England, dates back to 3000 BC. UNESCO has recognized it as a UNESCO World Heritage Property since 1986; it may have served as a cemetery or an observatory.

Castle Dunluce

Unlike the refined and elaborate castles seen in cities like London, the one in Northern Ireland, Dunluce, exudes an air of the past and the ruggedness of the terrain. The castle's location atop a cliff with precipitous drops on each side may have been a deciding factor in the original settlers' decision to construct the structure there. The structure was likely constructed somewhere between the late 1600s and the Middle Ages.

Fortress of Windsor

Being the official residence of the Late Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband, Prince Philip, it is without a doubt one of the most important tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. The Berkshire castle is both a work of beauty and a symbol of the continuity of the British monarchy. The structure was originally constructed in the eleventh century, although it has undergone several renovations since then.

The Giant's Causeway 

This natural wonder is one of the most interesting sites to visit in the United Kingdom since it is composed entirely of basalt columns. A World Heritage Site, it may be found on the coast of Northern Ireland. The majority of the column here are hexagonal, which is remarkable, but there are also others with five, eight, seven, and even four sides.