6 Shoe Hacks That Will Keep Your Happy Feet Comfortable and Stylish

The ultimate guide to easing your happy feet in the perfect new shoes without compromising on styling yourself to the heart’s content.

In the modern world, we are all Cinderellas looking for that ideal pair of shoes to make us look fabulous and be comfy at the same time. But not all shoes have the magical property of both and wearing a new shoe often feels like bearing a medieval punishment! Well, not anymore. Here are 6 amazing tricks to be marvellous and dance about with comfort in any shoe you like!

  1. Sandpaper Proof Your Heels-
Heels can be one of the most classist additions to your sassiness, but I wish wearing one all day could be a convenient option! Not to mention the times when walking on heels on a glossy floor felt like a moment closer to disaster. In such a moment, sandpaper comes to the rescue! Increase traction by rubbing the bottom of your shoes to make it sustain the grip on a smooth floor.
  1. Toe Protection-
Wearing shoes that separate your toe from the other toes can cause friction between them and push the thin skin to rupture. If you want to wear flip flops, add a silicon toe guard to keep the skin from chafing. Toe stretchers are also available that make your shoe perfect for you.

Another trick to expand your shoe is to freeze it with a water zip pouch to expanse the shoe and cause lesser pain.

  1. Fluffy Socks-
When you get a new shoe, it clings to your skin, giving you blisters. Wear fleecy socks under the shoe and walk around your home to enlarge it to fit you perfectly.
  1. Tape Your Toes-
Between your third and fourth toes, there is a nerve that causes pain when pressure is put on it, especially in pointy shoes. By taping your toes together in a medical strip, the force will be equally divided, relieving the toes from being rubbed.
  1. Get Heel Stoppers-
When outdoors, you don’t have to worry about your heels sinking in the ground. Fixing your heels on stoppers will help you walk about freely without creating holes or tripping on the grass.
  1. Powder the Odour-
Sweaty feet producing a stench is common, and you don’t have to refrain from sandals just because you sweat a lot. Just sprinkle baking powder in your shoes before you wear them. Even adding baby powder will leave a fresh smell and absorb the perspiration and foul odour from your feet.