6 signs that you might have copper deficiency

Copper deficiency is a critical health condition as it can lead you to several issues.

Copper is an essential mineral that supports the functioning of many organs in the human body. It maintains nerve cells, boosts the immune system, promotes collagen production, helps in the formation of red blood cells, and more. Also, it is directly involved in the metabolic process which keeps you healthy. As copper is a trace nutrient, your body requires just a small amount of it for all its functions. However, you can still suffer from a deficiency for certain factors. And it’s quite evident that the condition is highly dangerous for your health. So, if you experience any of the following symptoms, do consult with a doctor immediately!

Fatigue: While there are several factors, fatigue can also be a result of copper deficiency. The mineral helps your body to absorb iron from food. So, when the copper levels get too low, it causes iron deficiency in the body – which restricts the process of oxygen supply to your tissues. This makes you experience excessive tiredness throughout the day.

Poor Immunity: As previously mentioned, copper plays a significant role in the immune system. So, as a result of copper deficiency, your body finds it hard to produce immune cells. Also, the condition restricts the production of white blood cells, which results in weakening your immunity to a large extent. It makes you prone to various infections.

Osteoporosis: Copper is required to maintain a proper bone density. Regular intake strengthens your bones and prevents your risk of developing various bone-related issues. So, it comes as no surprise that a deficiency of this mineral can develop osteoporosis – which refers to weak as well as brittle bones.

Skin Issues: Copper stimulates certain enzymes to produce melanin – which helps maintain the normal complexion of your skin. Also, it supports the production of elastin and collagen, both of which are needed in maintaining your skin health. So, a deficiency of copper ruins your skin’s overall texture.

Memory Loss: When it comes to brain development, copper helps a lot than you could imagine! Also, it plays a role in the supply of oxygen to your brain issues. When the mineral’s level becomes too low, it disrupts the brain functions, which end up ruining your cognitive skills including memory.

Cardiovascular Disorders: Copper also contributes to the functioning of your heart. A low level of the mineral is a major reason behind high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure levels – which affect your heart health. Some research studies have shown that people suffering from copper deficiency often experience chest pain.

Apart from these, some other signs of copper deficiency are cold, poor eyesight, arthritis, premature greying of hair, etc.

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