6 Strange Fashion Trends from History

Are you a fashionista who never misses out on a custom trend? Here are the wackiest fashion drifts that make us question the taste of our great forefathers!

Admit it, we have all spent a great deal purchasing fashion magazines, or following trendsetters on Instagram to get that perfect look that will change our whole life! Racing around fashion trends can be exhausting as there is always an upgrade in a way to make us look more beautiful, classy and a new addition- comfortable! But was it still so body-friendly? Here are the wildest drifts set way back in history that makes us want to thank the times we choose to take birth in!

  1. Black Teeth-
Yes, you read that, right! Through the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, making your teeth black was in trend! The story being, the sweet tooth queen could not keep her hands off chocolate that made her teeth rot and turn black. So the other women took it upon themselves to paint their teeth black as a mark of royalty to prove they could afford sugar!
  1. Hobble Skirts-
If you were wondering what hobble meant, it is the practice of tying up the legs of an animal to prevent it from running away. And yes, it does the same for the woman wearing it! It would enable women to take dainty steps and be ladylike! Bizarre isn’t it?
  1. Bombasting-
Though it has been carefully delivered to this generation, it is not as wacky as the rest of the bearings. Stuffing your clothes to make the body look curvier is familiar and misleading to an extent, but who cares till we look fantastic, right!
  1. Powdered Wigs-
Even though wigs are used till date to enhance your beauty or change your look, they began way back in the middle ages, and owe their cause of origin to syphilis! The disease caused a foul smell and hair loos, and most of the upper class were affected by it. To cover up the stench wigs brushed in the sweet-smelling powder were made to look good and smell fresh.
  1. Chopines-
You must have wondered what gave way to the theory of wearing heels. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, it sure gives us inches of confidence and sass! The chopines were initially invented in the 16 century to help yourself out of muddy streets but soon took over to be a style statement to look more towering and elegant.
  1. Macaroni-
Remember the poem- Yankee Doodle Dandy, and how he stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni? It was sparked by French men who stopped at nothing to create bizarre fashion trends of buckled shoes, flashy hosiery and bright waistcoats!