6 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Desktop

While laptops might seem to be the best option when considering buying a new computer for work, a good-quality PC with the right upgrades is better. Here’s what to consider before buying one.

A desktop computer is the best choice if you need to create graphics and animations or if you plan on building a powerful gaming system. You can replace components whenever you need them, and desktop computers are more durable than laptops. You can build your own computer, which allows you to select every component of the machine, including the cooling fans and cabinet. However, not everyone can do this. Here are six things to remember when you’re looking for a new desktop computer.

Service and warranty

You can choose to buy a branded model instead of building your computer. However, you’ll need to look through all the components in order to find the best device for you. Although you might take some time when choosing the right model, it is vital to discuss servicing, service centers, and warranty. This is because laptops require more frequent servicing than PCs. Consider the cost of home servicing, how often it is done, and what warranty coverage you have. This will help you decide if an extended warranty is worth it.

It will not be possible to bring your desktop computer to the service center. You will need someone to come to your home to do servicing. You may also accidentally make your warranty void if you attempt to repair something yourself during the warranty period. These desktops are meant to last, so make sure you ask these important questions before you choose a brand.

You get the best quality components and everything you need

Before you buy a model, make sure to check the keyboard, mouse and other components. You may end up spending more money on components that are not of the highest quality. Always verify what components you require and which ones are included in your package.

RAM is important

Avoid buying a Windows computer with less than 16GB RAM. To get an idea of what specs you need for gaming, check out the minimum requirements.

Processor and GPU

Be sure to check the type of processor included with your branded computer. If you are unsure which processor is best for your job, it is worth reading online reviews. Brands will always try to sell low-end processors and assembled computers. Always read the processor model, check the launch date and learn about the performance delivery.

This is also true for graphics cards. If you are looking for a reliable rig that can do both work and pleasure, it is advisable to look at the minimum Intel Core i5-6600K with NVIDIA GeForce 1060 3GB graphics cards. If you don’t need any gaming features, you can opt for lower-end models.


HDDs come with a spinning drive, which is more susceptible to failure than SSDs or solid-state drives. SSDs are more reliable, faster, and less expensive than solid-state drives. While you can choose the storage that suits your needs, 512GB storage is more practical.

Monitor and ports

Make sure you choose a branded system with a 21-inch LED screen. This is the minimum. If you’re looking for a less expensive machine, consider an 18-inch LED.

Connectivity ports are essential. Make sure you have plenty of USB ports and a few Type-C ports. Other ports such as HDMI, LAN, and headphone jacks are a must.

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