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6 Things you must do in Vienna-

Vienna is like a city perpetually prepared for Christmas. It has the best chocolates, and the best music, sprinkled with heritage and history, wherever you go. If you are lucky enough to visit one day, here are some things that you should do!

Visit Schonnebrune Palace – For history buffs, this is a fun sight to visit. It is the palace of the royal family of Vienna. Their rooms are decorated with utmost authenticity, and how it would be in the old times. Their most famous queen, Elizabeth dubbed as “sissy”’s room is also a part of the tour. They have beautiful paintings, and interiors and they reflect the grandeur. Opposite the palace is a hill that is fun to go up and provides a view of the entire Vienna. This is mesmerizing!

Museum De Musique- This is one of the most engaging and interactive museums in the world, so creatively done up. It takes on the science of the genesis of music and its evolution, to the major composers, such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin amongst others. There are fabulous displays with audios that play the operas of these great composers. One can even find games to play, which allow you to make your opera music. It is a lot of fun!

See an Opera- Continuing on this trail of music, one should take the time to see an opera at Vienna State Opera. Although seats are expensive, it is worth it and an opportunity of a lifetime!

Take a tour of the Alps – One of the things you must do especially if you are a lover of scenery and mountains and the fresh air,  is take a tour of the Alps mountains nearby. It is one of the most mesmerizing experiences that you can have!

Hang out in the marketplace- This is one of the most fun things to do! Spend one day squandering around in the marketplace, and seeing the shops and people walking around. It is the life of the city, and a colorful and bustling atmosphere is created!

Food and desserts- The food in Vienna is amazing. Be sure to stoke up on the various street foods in Vienna, but be sure to leave enough room for dessert. Over here you will find some of the most gobsmacking delicious heavenly desserts, that you could possibly come across. Their cakes, such as Sacher Torte are definitely to die for and will keep you craving for more. Other than that, be sure to try Viennese chocolates. They will make your days memorable!