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6 things you need to stop doing in order to create healthier relationships

Every human relationship is bound to go through ups and downs

Any relationship, be it with your family, friends or colleagues, needs a constant amount of work, commitment and an inclination to make things for the better. If most of us can understand the difficult situations and accept the possibility of being wrong, we can all have healthier relationships in life despite the ups and downs.

So here are a few things that one needs to avoid to have strong and long-lasting relationships:

Expecting people to read your mind, always

While we all expect that our close ones know our behaviour well, there is no harm in communicating your issues with them, if you have any. So make sure you avoid expecting people to read your mind all the time and rather convey your thoughts and feelings effectively.

Excusing unhealthy patterns because you love someone

You cannot turn a blind eye to unhealthy behavioural patterns if you want to continue being friends with those people or stay in relationships with them. If you speak up against those habits, it will only steer you away from them in the future.

Pretending to be okay when you’re not

Most of us have this habit of pretending to be superhuman. Let’s not forget that we all have feelings and emotions and due to work or family pressures, we can all end up having a bad day. So do not avoid expressing yourself or even crying because that cathartic release will actually make you feel better.

Ignoring boundaries to avoid conflict

There will be no boundaries in relationships if you do not communicate. When people love or care for others, they do not sometimes realise that they are crossing the lines. So make sure you make things clear rather than eventually having a violent outburst that could have been avoided. Surely, one should avoid all the unnecessary conflict but do not overlook things.

Punishing yourself for not healing fast enough

If you go through a personal loss or a financial problem, we can all have that level of trauma that will take a lot of time to heal. But that doesn’t mean you can push yourself to recover as there is no right time or a timeline for things in life. Realise that your journey is different from others and it’s not bad to uncover trauma you didn’t even know you had.

Overextending yourself to make everyone happy

You just cannot make everyone happy because as humans, we all have limitations. So do not give anyone more attention than is required and make sure to put yourself first.

Gurpreet Kaur

An entertainment and lifestyle journalist with a perennial hunger for all nice things in life. When she is not writing in her favourite coffee spot, she spends her time socialising with people or exploring different cities. An ardent animal lover, she likes to spend her Sunday afternoons with her furry friends.
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