6 Tips to Surf Safe on Social Network

Learn the foolproof tips to use the internet to your benefit without worrying about the hazards of surfing unchecked.

A day without holding our phone feels like being deprived of connectivity to the world, especially when it comes to using the internet. Social media has bestowed upon us a new lifestyle, which gives us an enormous amount of virtual enjoyment. But grievously, there are two sides to a coin. The popularity of internet media provides a hike to cybercrime and technical hitches that can drag us into unwanted trouble. Here are some points you should remember to enjoy trouble-free net surfing.

  1. Check Your Privacy Settings-

Before signing to a new app, make sure your personal details are kept hidden from public view. Even though you are enabling yourself to be seen by the world, do not let your personal information like your phone number, birthday and address be seen by unwanted people.

  1. Use Your Number To Prevent Unauthorized Login-

Every time you log in from a different device, adjust your settings in such a way that it sends a code to your phone. In that way, you can be sure that no one will be able to hack into your account without your prior permission.

  1. Be Discreet About Your Location-

Wherever you are, do not choose to put your location tag on the photos or posts you upload. It puts the risk of being subjected to unwanted people knowing where you are. You can upload them after your trip or keep the location untagged from it to keep yourself in the safe side.

  1. Be Careful Of Third Party Sites-

When you register into a new site, they often ask you to confirm through Google id, mail id, or your Facebook id. You might feel it’s tempting because it saves you the labour from going through filling your details manually, but by doing so, you are spilling more information in the site than you need to.

  1. Do Not Accept Multiple Requests From The Same Person-

In a social media where the name and photo of a person is the identity, if you are suspicious of a person having two accounts, make sure you ask them in self if it is the same who owns the page. Scammers who are a pro at fooling people often use other names to get to your friend list where they can harm you later.

  1. Avoid Playing Games And Quizzes Through Apps-

You must have seen advertisements of intriguing quizzes and games in your media page while scrolling down and you have clicked and played them till you got bored eventually. But always double-check before clicking into the tempting links as they might be phishing for your estimable information.


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