6 Tricks To Avoid Split Ends

Tired of trimming your split ends down? Keep your scissors aside for here is the secret to keeping your thick hair healthy and shiny.

Saving your hair from damage can be challenging, especially when it comes to dealing with split ends. Our hair bears the wrath of colouring, straightening, curling and various other stylings we inflict upon it only to find scorched tips that need to be clipped off to retain the lush. Tired of keeping them trimmed? Here is the secret to preventing any destruction to your hair and narrowing the wear and tear to the maximum.

  1. Be A Gentle Washer-

It is no secret that hair is vulnerable to mutilation and needs to be caressed gently while washing. Wet hair is more susceptible to breaking in strands and needs to be moisturized and given proper conditioning. Conditioners keep your hair cuticle protected that minimized chances of frizz. Instead of rubbing a dry towel on your hair, blot it gently and blow-dry your hair to average warmth.

  1. Detangle Your Hair-

Combing hair might feel like a huge task to accomplish, especially when you have hair on the longer side, but keeping it from tangling helps you cause minimum breakage. Use a tooth comb and keep your hair moistened with conditioner or hair oil before attempting to brush it out.

  1. Keep Your Hair Moisturized-

Hydrated hair has the least chances of having split ends. Hair that is not conditioned regularly dries out on the tips and rubs against all surface, making it lose its colour and turn frizzy.

  1. Keep Heat At Bay-

If you depend on electronic curlers and straighteners to style your hair, the excess heat changes the protein structure of your hair, causing permanent roughness. Try using natural processes for styling your hair and stick to nourishing your hair immediately after application of any synthetic product.

  1. Do Not Use Comb Excessively-

Using your brush against your hair can cause unnecessary breakage. Once your hair is untangled, keep your comb away. Keeping your hair tied lightly and combed once a day is enough to keep your hair growing healthy.

  1. Use A Silk Pillowcase-

Laying your hair against cloth causes a lot of wear and tear and can be helped by changing the material of your pillowcase to silk. Satin fabric minimizes friction and allows your hair rub without breaking or tangling against each other’s static electricity.

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