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6 unique sports that you can try

Sports around the world entail diversity, creativity, cultural richness and human adaptability! It is something which emerges from different cultures and communities. If you are a lover of sports and are curious to know about the different kinds of sports in the world, which are beyond the realm of commonly known and popular sports, then here is a list of some of them. Though they are unconventional, if you are in general a sportsperson, engaged in regular sports which involve swimming and running, you may even want to try these out!  

Underwater hockey

 Known as Octopush, underwater hockey is a unique and challenging sport, played at the bottom of a swimming pool! There are teams of 6, equipped with snorkels, masks, find and a small stick for maneuvering the weighted puck. This sport is thrilling but also extremely difficult, and requires more amount of team work, breath holding abilities and swiftness! It is a popular watersport and is played around the world! People who love swimming and hockey both can try this!

Chess boxing

 If you are someone who is interested in Chess and Boxing, then chess boxing tournaments could be something apt for you! Alternate rounds of chess games and boxing constitute chess boxing tournaments! It has an element of fun definitely!


 If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this sport is for you! Inspired by Harry Potter, people have now devised a way to play it for real. While players obviously can’t fly, they have to run with broomsticks between their legs. The rest of the rules are largely same as given in the book- There is a seeker, a keeper, three chasers and two beaters! The teams are mixed! Just like in the books, the aim of the game is to score points by pushing the quaffle( in the real world, a deflated volleyball) into the hoops, avoiding getting hit by the notorious dodge balls( a substitute for Bludgers in the book)- which is primarily to be kept away by the Beaters. The game ends when the seeker manages to grab the Snitch! Football fans who are also Potterheads would definitely enjoy this!


 This is an innovative sport that combines volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and capoeira. Played on an inflatable court with trampolines on each side, teams of 4-5 people aim to score points by hitting the ball over the net to the opponent’s side. This game can be quite exciting to watch and to participate in. It becomes even more fun when acrobatic maneuvers, flips and spikes are added to the game!


 This is a sport which originated and is popular in India. It is a sport played by two teams of seven players each. The entire field for playing is divided in half. The aim is for each player to enter the opposing team’s half, and touch one player and then make it back to their half successfully without being tackled. The game is a rough one and requires immense alertness and swiftness. The aim of the opposing team meanwhile, is to pin the player down, before he makes it back to his side! This game, while you are watching can cause immense anxiety but also entails a thrill! 


Predominantly played in Ireland, this sport involves two teams using a wooden stick, known as hurley,  to hit a small ball into the opponent’s goal. Though this might sound generic, do not be fooled! It is one of the fastest sports in the world.

So which sport will you try?