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6 unsolved mysteries of all time

Enigmas that have puzzled and fascinated us for centuries

Everyone loves a good mystery, right? But we love the mysteries that get solved, where all the pieces of puzzle fall into their place. We appreciate a good mystery.

But it’s the unsolved mysteries that feel…baffling, scary, creepy. There are so many unsolved mysteries around the world that hasn’t had a satisfactory solve. From the Bermuda Triangle to the disappearance of people, some mysteries have scratched the brain of authorities but to no avail.

Here are 6 unsolved mysteries.

Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was a famous aviator who disappeared in 1937 while attempting to fly around the world. Despite extensive searches and investigations, her disappearance remains an unsolved mystery that has intrigued people for decades. Some theories suggest that her plane may have crashed into the ocean, while others speculate that she may have been a victim of foul play.

Who’s Jack the Ripper

The identity of Jack the Ripper remains a mystery to this day. The serial killer terrorized London's Whitechapel district in 1888, leaving a trail of gruesome murders that shocked the world. Despite numerous suspects and theories, the true identity of the killer has never been definitively determined, leaving us to ponder the motives and methods of Ripper.

Zodiac Killer identity

Zodiac Killer terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s, leaving behind cryptic messages that have yet to be fully decoded. There were multiple police investigation and has numerous suspects but there was no conviction.

Loch ness Monster

Also known as "Nessie," this mysterious creature allegedly inhabits the depths of Loch Ness, a large freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands. Over the years, many people have claimed to have seen Nessie, describing it as a long-necked, humpbacked creature with a serpent-like body. Despite numerous expeditions, sonar scans, and even DNA analysis, no conclusive evidence has ever been found to prove the existence of Nessie.

Manuscript that cannot be deciphered

The Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious book from the 15th century that contains an unknown script that has yet to be deciphered. It has baffled scholars and cryptographers for centuries, and many have tried to unlock its secrets to no avail. The enigmatic script and illustrations in the manuscript have led some to speculate that it may hold the key to unlocking hidden knowledge or secrets of the past.

The abandoned ship

Well stocked and seaworthy, Mary Celeste, a merchant ship that was discovered adrift and abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. The ship was found completely stocked and seaworthy, with no signs of struggle or foul play. However, the crew was nowhere to be found. The Mary Celeste's fate has been the subject of much speculation and conspiracy theories over the years. Some have suggested that the crew mutinied and killed each other, while others believe they were attacked by pirates or sea monsters. However, no conclusive evidence has ever been found to support any of these theories.