6 VR Fitness Games That Will Make You Sweat

Bagley and other virtual reality fitness professionals shared their go-to virtual reality video games to get in shape. Read on to find the one made for you.

VR Games encourage physical activity by forcing players to stand up and move. Some of the all-time favorites are listed below. Read on to pick the one that calls out to you.


Founder and CEO of the VR Medical Clinic, an independent research organization established in 2017 to investigate the effects of augmented and virtual technology on fitness, both agreed that Supernatural was the best VR experience for improving physical fitness.The Virtual Reality Health Institute has teamed up to do research.This is a subscription-based fitness platform with a growing library of over 500 works.Whether you like yoga, Pilates, boxing, or another activity, you can get your workout while viewing one of many breathtaking locations from across the world, such as the Bolivian salt flats or a volcano in Iceland, taught by a virtual teacher.

Beat Saber

In Bagley’s words, it’s “addictive.”Each controller represents a red and blue lightsaber, which you use to slash at moving objects in time with the music.Slash the red or blue shapes with the correct blade.You’ll have to duck and weave to avoid danger, too.

Thrill Of The Fight

According to Stanton, Thrill Of The Fight is only one of several games with calorie expenditures evaluated by the VR Health Institute.It was found that among the games studied, sparring required the most energy expenditure per minute.The caloric expenditure of the players ranged from 9.74 to 15.32 per second, comparable to that of a real-life rowing activity.


To combat the weight he’d acquired earlier in 2016, he included Holoball as one of four games he played daily in his virtual reality training routine.


Sorensen recommends giving FitXR a shot if you like having alternatives when it comes to your workout routine.The portal has a wide variety of fitness studios, including boxing, dancing, and high-intensity, high-intensity interval (HIIT).The membership to the exercise library is on a monthly subscription basis.On-demand courses are available, and new exercises are added every day.Various fitness settings and musical styles are available for your selection.

Goalkeeper VR

There’s a lot of strain on goalkeepers in soccer.Donahey suggests trying out the VR fitness app Goalkeeper VR if you’re interested in stepping into their shoes for the day without the real-world strain.Donahey warns that keeping the goal net safe from incoming soccer balls will require focus, coordination, and rapid reflexes from the defender.You’ll likely use your wrists, feet, and forearms to deflect balls, so be prepared to jump, lunge to the side, or slide on your knees.


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