6 Ways to Give Yourself a Mini-Makeover

Thinking about getting into a new look instantly? Here are the best hacks that will give you a total makeover without pinching your pocket!

How many times have we desired to be in the Cinderella story where the fairy godmother randomly appears from nowhere and gives us the makeover of a lifetime! But the modern lifestyle gives the magic wand in our very hands, and we can transform ourselves into a completely different person instantly! Want to know the trick? Here is the quickest way to give yourself a makeover all by yourself!

  1. Posture-
Something that we have overlooked all our lives is our posture! And surprisingly that is what can change your look in an instant. You don’t have to bear books on your head or wear wired pose check straps, but relaxing your shoulders and keeping your head straight can bring a confident look that is eventually going to change your presentation and personality.
  1. Attitude-
The age-old mantra is- confidence! You might not think of it at first, but having a bold attitude changes your presentation and the way people perceive you to be. Try telling yourself every morning how amazing you are each day you wake up and see yourself change in a bit!
  1. Jewellery-
You don’t need to be clad in ornaments to make a big difference. Just get yourself a piece of statement jewellery to match your personality. Does not have to be a costly one, just something that looks good on you and adds to your glamour.
  1. Hair-
Now for the game changer, you had been waiting to hear! Get a new haircut! It is said when a person cuts their hair short, they are about to make significant alterations in their life. It’s not always about cutting it short, just a new hairdo or maintaining it properly can bring about a substantial change in you.
  1. Skin-
When was the last time you followed a good skincare routine of sleeping amply, keeping hydrated, eating healthy and wiping all make up clean before hitting the bed? We often ignore these constraints, and with the slightest sign of a blemish or a pimple, our self-confidence hits rock bottom. Having flawless skin reflects your care and confidence and will help you look wholly modified and gorgeous.
  1. Clothing-
It’s a lie if someone says the way you dress does not matter. Your apparel and shoes are the first impressions people judge you with. Wearing proper clothes that are well ironed, sweet-smelling and fits in the latest trends, can give you the most fantastic conversion you could ever think of.