6 Ways To Prepare Your Room For Winter

Make your homes winter-proof to enjoy the chilly season in the best level of comfort.

There is something about the winter season that draws us towards our home. The cosy warmth of being wrapped up in our drawing-room sipping hot chocolate with dimly lit walls. What more could we ask for! Here is everything you want to do to makes your home winter-proof and warm to make your chilly season comfortable.

  1. Get The Heaters Inspected-

If you live in a colder region, winters are a little harsher to digest than tropical region. You may have to depend on heaters and furnaces to keep yourself warm in the season. Before the commencement of the season, make sure you keep the gadgets checked and repaired. Furnaces collect dust and could be blocked through the summer months. Before lighting it up, make sure you clear its passage and give it a test run with all safety measures.

  1. Keep Water Pipes Insulated-

In places where the temperature reaches below freezing point, the water pipes get frozen and can burst out, making a mess out of your house. Before the onset of the winter season, make sure you do a plumbing check in your home to get every pipe insulated.

  1. Black Draft Passages-

If there is any place with the easy passage of wind under your door, over the ventilator, make sure you block them before the beginning of the season. Not only is an insulated home more comforting from the cold air, but it also saves you from pinching your pocket with an electricity bill for the unnecessary wastage of energy.

  1. Repair The Vents-

While using an indoor furnace, it is essential to check the outlet vents and keep them free from any obstructing furniture. The suffocating furnace can source severe damage to the heating system and cause you the exorbitant expense to repair them.

  1. Shrinkwrap Your Windows-

With loose hinges on your window, if you feel repairing them professionally will put a strain on your budget, you can always use shrink wrap to shut them up. The plastic coating on both sides will ensure full insulation to keep you snug and warm inside.

  1. Clear Your Drainage System-

The sewerage system of your house should be cleared from any leaf and soil blocking before winter creeps in to avoid going out in the snow to clean a clog and catch a cold. Also letting water in the drain can let it freeze and crack the cemented gutter.

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