6 yoga poses for healthy & glowing skin

Rejuvenate your skin with these easy to do yoga asanas & achieve smooth, radiant skin. Learn more about these yoga poses that will help you attain a charming glow on your skin.

Radiant glow and healthy skin are what every woman dreams of having. But due to some unhealthy lifestyle choices & heavy cosmetic products usage, our skin suffers a lot, leading to multiple skin problems like acne, blackheads, premature wrinkling, dark spots, etc.

These skin ailments could also occur sometimes due to hormonal changes and age-related factors. Yoga has numerous health benefits, and it is also known to work on your skin to give it a natural glow like no other cream, serum or cosmetic treatment.

Whatever may be the cause of the skin damage, these yoga asanas will help to recharge and repair your skin from outside and within.

These are the six yoga asanas that you must-do to make your skin healthier-

#1 Bhujangasana

Also known as Cobra Pose, it helps to reduce tension, stress and fatigue. It aids in skin rejuvenation by supplying more oxygen to the skin cells, which in turn helps the body to remove the accumulated toxins from the system. It also helps in reducing stiffness from the back and shoulders, and relaxes and elevates your mood.

#2 Matsyasana

This fish pose yoga asana promotes healthy skin by regulating the functioning of the thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands. It normalizes the hormonal imbalance to provide relief from the related skin problems.

Matsyasana helps to make the skin more flexible and firm and is also beneficial to get rid of the double chin.

#3 Sarvangasana

The Shoulder Stand pose is considered the most helpful yoga asana for clear and glowing skin. It helps in improving skin texture by promoting proper blood circulation towards your face. It also tackles the problems of pimple, acne, wrinkles and dullness.

#4 Halasana

It is also known as Plough pose and helps to improve the overall blood circulation of the body. It is one of the best yoga asanas to achieve healthy and glowing skin by enhancing the digestion process and blood circulation to the face and head.

#5 Trikonasana

Also called Triangle Pose, this asana increases the flow of blood to the body and face. When you perform this asana, your chest, lungs and heart open up, thus improving oxygen supply and blood circulation. It helps to make your skin refreshed and rejuvenated by supplying more oxygen to the skin cells.

#6 Utthanasana

This forward-bending yoga pose not only promotes blood flow to the face but also increases the oxygen supply to the skin cells for maintaining that radiant shine and glow. Better oxygen level supplies the body with nutrients that fight the damage caused by free radicals and encourages skin rejuvenation.

Practicing these yoga asanas every day will help improve blood circulation and oxygen supply in your body, especially head and face area, resulting in glowing, rejuvenated and healthy skin. Along with this, some simple lifestyle changes like a healthy diet, plenty of water, adequate amount of sleep, natural skincare routine and, pranayama and meditation will not only enhance your skin appearance but also strengthen your overall well-being.

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