7 Animal Inspired Robots

7 high tech robots that are inspired by various animal features and crafted to work in adverse situations where no living organism can survive.

Looking at the wild makes us wonder about the creation of nature. With the advancement of technology, scientists have accommodated animal features into robotics, and they have brought magnificent results. These high-tech robots can solve tricky puzzles and crack codes to things we didn’t even know we could decipher. Here is a list of 7 excellent robots that bewilder us with their traits.

  1. MIRO-

Marine Intelligent Robot or MIRO is a fish robot designed to swim in all directions and built with measurement sensors to dodge any obstacle and dive into the depth of up to 50 meters. Made in South Korea, it is the first fish bot that has become a significant tourist attraction as the rich-hued robot often befriends sharks and swims along with them!

  1. Robugtix T8X-

Robugtix T8X is the ultimate robot you could ever see! It can be programmed, and is wireless. The 26 legged robots can be owned by you and walk along with you. The small hairy version makes you feel cuddly, and though it can’t mount walls like a real spider, it can undoubtedly rip off rugs!

  1. Bionic Bird-

The sheer excellence of this robot is a marvelous sight to behold. When it soars 100 meters high, it is impossible to segregate it from real birds. The flexible foam built and automated face makes it next to a whole bird. It can fly at a speed of 12 mph with a wing beat of 18 times per second, which is more significant than any species of birds. The egg-shaped charger makes sure the bird never has power storage and won’t dry out in midflight.

  1. Pleurobot-

Developed from the characteristics of a salamander, Pleurobot is like a living lizard. The waterproof exterior and terrain friendly vertebrae is a real help in undercover missions and rescue operations. The best part is, this little bot even has an Instagram account!

  1. Airacuda-

The Airacuda bot has adapted its features from diverse animal trait. The streamlined body enables swift progress through the water currents. Its swim bladder is inspired by the Atlantic cod that makes it go into the depth of ocean floors smoothly. Made up of robust aramid fibre, it has the durability of a bulletproof vest.

  1. Scorpion Hexapod-

The Scorpion Hexapod is the brainchild of Belgian University. The 3D printed body parts navigate in all directions and can navigate through obstacles using infrared sensors. The stinger resembles a real scorpion’s head and looks like a real attack bot.

  1. Aquajelly-

Seeing an aquajelly is going to remind you of a real jellyfish. The mesmerizing LED lights with eight tentacle legs and lithium-ion battery help it navigate and control its movement. It responds to changes in the external environment and is a treat to the eyes.

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