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7 Best bedroom plants you should have

Decorating your room with plants can do more than just your shelves look brighter, boost mood, reduce stress level and enhance creativity. It gives a touch of decor and bright energy both to your room.

Heart Leaf Philodendron: According to NASA’s top 10 list, it is one of the popular houseplants as it is impossible to kill. The heart-shaped leaves come with different varieties of visual appeal and are also particularly very much effective at absorbing formaldehyde. One caution should be kept in mind if one is planning to place this plant in their home, keep out of reach of children as it is toxic when eaten.

Snake plant: Another name is Mother-in-laws tongue, one of the low maintenance plants and also an optimal choice for a bedroom. This is also considered as one of the sir-purifying plants as per NASA’s. This insanely low-maintenance converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Snake plants benefit your bedroom with indoor air during both day and night.

English Ivy: It is extremely effective at absorbing formaldehyde, Xylene, Benzene and Toluene. English Ivy not only helps to get rid of toxins present in air, but as per the research it has been figured out that it may be able to clear animal feces and improve allergy symptoms.

Spider plant: More easy to propagate, awesome for hanging planters and effective in fighting a variety of pollutants. Keep these plants in moderate to bright indirect sunlight and also water them occasionally during initial growth and also look good when kept hanging.

Gardenia: It is a bit more-high maintenance plant as compared to others as extra care needed would definitely be worth your cost. Gardenia bloom gorgeous scented blossoms and is also a popular choice for bedroom plants. As per the research these plants might help one to relieve anxiety as well as achieve quality sleep.

Peace Lily: These plants bloom gorgeous white beautiful flowers that are perfect for indoors and also known for cleaning the toxic pollutants of air. Also, these plants are poisonous so make sure to place them somewhere that is out of reach of kids and pets.

Aloe Vera: It releases oxygen at night that makes the environment sleep friendly and also listed on top lists of NASA’s top air-purifying plants. It is a highly low maintenance plant and easiest to take care of- one can go weeks without watering it.

If you are looking for something healthy and beneficial to place in your room then go for some greenery by planting those bedroom-associated plants.

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