7 Best Ways To Beat Motion Sickness

The ultimate guide to beating travelling sickness and taking safety precautions to make your trip memorable.

One of the vices keeping you away from having a relaxing trip is travelling sickness! You would think the single option left was to keep put at home and only think about all the countries you could go to if you could avoid the whole nausea of vertigo. Well, we have the ultimate tricks to keep motion sickness at bay! Here are the most foolproof and straightforward tricks to help you enjoy your journey without any giddiness that you have experienced before!

  1. Ginger To The Rescue!

This might feel like an old witch cauldron recipe, but ginger ale is a natural aid for the giddy stomach. If you think drinking a whole glass makes you uncomfortable, take a ginger tablet from a herbal shop. Also, for the trip, you can resort to thin slices of ginger to chew on that will help you keep your ear canal from getting blocked at high altitude.

  1. Keep Yourself Distracted-

Instead of anticipating inception of nausea, keep yourself distracted by other means. Playing loud music, watching a movie or keeping your head into solving something interesting will keep your mind off the stress, and you will have a much more pleasant journey than you did before.

  1. Take Medicines If Needed-

Several medicines in the market are tested and without any side effects ideal for battling vertigo. Children can stick to chewy candies made primarily for them to soothe their stomach and keep them off having any disruption in the gut.

  1. Take The Right Seats-

When in an aeroplane, make sure you sit near the wings with least jerking. On a cruise, be seated way below the deck to experience the least motion. In a bus or car, face the direction of the wind and keep your eyes on the horizon.

  1. Try Acupressure-

Putting on acupressure wrist band will stimulate pressure points that relieve nausea. There are several sea bands available that will keep the squishy feeling at bay.

  1. Have Small Protein-Filled Snacks-

Having large meals can be a load on your stomach while travelling, and you might want to cut short on them. Packing healthy snacks to munch on through the trip can keep you keeping more energetic with less giddiness in your tummy.

  1. Get Some Fresh Air-

Except for being on a flight, try to take up short breaks and grab on as much fresh air as possible. On a long drive, you can switch places to drive and keep yourself distracted. When on a flight, keep essential oils with yourself to keep your senses distracted with the strong smell.

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