7 Cool Gadgets That Take Us To Future

Seven futuristic inventions that inspire us to use eco-friendly sources for a cleaner and happier lifestyle.

We have all been there where we sit back and picture the ideal equipment that will make our life a cakewalk. Well, guess what? It’s apparently being invented right now! Advancement in technology keeps encouraging innovation to get better with each production. You don’t have to be a tech geek to fall in love with these cool devices. Have a look and decide for yourself which time capsule you want to venture into the future!

  1. UV Sterilizer

This is probably the future of sanitizer spray that we carry around. A little UV light device to sterilize your belongings in the most effective and tech-savvy way possible.

  1. Weather forecasting umbrella

If this is not a part of the future, it’s not lit enough! This battery-powered umbrella has circuits of lights on the handle that will indicate rain or sun so you can be prepared and avoid getting drenched.

  1. UV protected water bottle

The future of water purifiers is probably a UV guarded bottle to make sure your reserved water is reliable to drink no matter where you go. Ideal for travel, this bottle sanitizes itself and kills all harmful bacteria in it. The lightweight and portable traits make us want to get one shortly!

  1. The cleaning goop

Though clean and goop don’t quite fit in the same room, this smart mixture is a clay base that will get into nooks of keyboards and other minute dirt accumulating space, leaving your workplace squeakily polished!

  1. Electronic writing pad

Why waste papers of a mundane writing-pad, when you can scribble your thoughts and save them up electronically. The future is here with a smart tablet and stylus to make you look futuristic in a flash!

  1. Motion sensor solar lamp

This gadget is how we should step into a green and ecofriendly future. This cost-effective motion censored light illuminates the room when you walk in. The led bulb is more effective and long-lasting than regular tubes.

  1. The alerting frame

This is the perfect gadget for long-distance lovers. The photo frames are luminously linked and touching one makes the other one glow. Imagine being continents apart from your soulmate, and you know exactly when your partner is holding your photo, missing you! This is the perfect gift to bring you closer from miles apart.

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