7 Dishes Any Beginner Chef Can Quickly Master

Worried about trying your hands at cooking? Here are the easiest dishes to start with that will keep your guests impressed for sure.

Cooking and eating at home can be a bliss, especially when you can monitor the hygiene, the authenticity of the ingredients, and of course, the love of your hands! But we often stumble upon what to prepare as a beginner chef, who has to cook food in a jiffy. Here are the swiftest meals to prepare that will leave you mouthwatering at your own culinary skills!

  1. Chinese Eggplant With Garlic Sauce-

If you want to enjoy a tender vegetarian meal, think about the Chinese eggplant dish! The fried brinjal with soy sauce, stir-fried in sesame oil garnished with garlic sauce and chilli is going to give you the best-cooked meal in just 15 minutes! Team it with warm brown rice and its finger-licking good!

  1. Fried Rice-

Don’t we just love the smell of rice fried in ghee, stirred with fresh vegetable chunks! The best part about having leftover rice at home is you can feast with it the next day by converting it into a royal dish! Try adding fresh carrots and peas to it. If you want a tangy effect, put a hint of soy sauce to make it taste just like professional Chinese!

  1. Mushroom Bolognese-

The best vegetarian meal to prepare for a feast probably starts with Mushroom! You can prepare it on a slow cooker to have the taste enter the potatoes with time. Simmer with sauce, tomato paste and bay leaf to fill your whole household with its rich flavours!

  1. Coconut Lime Grilled Paneer-

Probably the best friend to rice, paneer grill just makes your mouth water at the very thought of it. Add herby sauce stewed in a coconut milk base. Once it cools down, complement fried chunks of freshly made paneer to it. The zesty yet sweet taste is undoubtedly going to be savoured during weekend dinner.

  1. Cold Ramen Noodle Salad-

If you like salad, you are going to devour this recipe! The perfect dish to go when we want to keep it light. The simple sesame ginger sauce dressed ramen garnished with cabbage, cucumbers and bell peppers just fills our mouth with water without the hazards of bloating!

  1. Vegetarian Chilli-

The creative recipe of pulse walnuts, mushrooms and carrots processed in a pan with chilli beans and tomatoes gets ready in just 45 minutes, and the hot taste goes perfectly teamed with rice!

  1. Minestrone Soup-

If you want a comforting and healthy soup to keep you company while you finish your favourite book, this is the ideal dish for you. The healthy mixture of pasta, beans, carrots and tomatoes sautéd with garlic and onion makes a dense soup to relish on cold days.

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