7 Effective Tips To Prevent Makeup From Melting On Hot Days

Does your makeup slide right off your face along with your sweat (and frustrated tears!) on hot days? Here’s how you can keep your makeup looking awesome, despite the humidity and high temperatures.

Melting makeup is an age-old summer issue that drives most women crazy. In fact, some get so annoyed that they ditch all the cosmetics as soon as the temperature spikes. Though it’s actually a good idea to give your skin a break sometimes, it isn’t really a solution. What if you have to attend an event? Worry not, you just need these tips to help your makeup stay on.

Fresh, Clean Slate

A clean, fresh, sweat-free face is a must before you apply any product. Washing your face in the AM won’t help if you are putting your makeup on the PM. Use a facewash right before applying makeup. Use a moisturizer and toner that suits your skin before going in with the foundation or primer.

Ditch The Primer, Use The Sunscreen

There is no need of layering on multiple products on your face! Opt for a matte sunscreen; it will also double as a primer.

Go for Eye and Lip Primers

Primers for eyes and lips leave a slightly sticky base on the skin. This enables makeup to stick on and last longer.

Wear Thin Layers

No matter how expensive or brand-savvy your makeup is, if you apply several layers or a thick layer, it will melt off when the temperature soars. Use minimal products and apply in thin layers.

Layer Formulas With Caution

If you are going for multiple products with different kinds of formulas, apply the liquids and creams first, and then add the powders on top. This layering strategy would work amazingly no matter what season it is, but it’s especially effective during the hot summer. The powder actually sets the rest of the product and the makeup stays put. You can also opt for a translucent powder to set the makeup.

Waterproof It!

It doesn’t matter that you aren’t going into the pool, waterproof makeup will be your bestie all through the summer. It holds up really well against sweat. Switch to waterproof makeup during summer. This is especially applicable for products that smudge when they smear, like an eyeliner or mascara.

Go For A Setting Spray

Setting spray is absolutely God-sent for those who sweat a lot – and for those who have oily skin. These sprays help any type of makeup last longer.

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