Published By: Sayan Guha

7 Festivals In Thailand That Are All About Love & Legacy

The grand festivals in Thailand will surely make you book your flights to attend each one of them in person. Read on to know more about each of them.

There is more to Thailand's appeal as a vacation spot than just its natural beauty, beaches, water sports, cuisine, and temples. If you are interested in culture, you should visit Thailand during one of the many festivals held there. While you're planning a future trip to this tropical paradise, why not check out a handful of the best festivals that Thailand has to offer?

The Ghost Festival, or Phi Ta Khon

This is one all the most fascinating of Thailand's traditional holidays, and it's also known for being the Ghost Festival. Phi Ta Khon is a celebration that brings together local customs, religious rituals, and good times. Thousands of residents dress up in masks with bloated faces and bulbous noses and parade about for three days.

Songkran Festival

The Water Festival of Thailand often called the Songkran Festival, is among the most exciting celebrations in all of Thailand. People from all around the country take part in a three-day-long water fight as part of this massive celebration. People use whatever they can get their hands on—buckets, hose pipes, water guns—to splash water on each other while drinking, listening to music, and dancing. How exciting!

Chinese New Year

One of the most exciting Thai events of the Chinese New Year takes place in Yaowaraj, Bangkok's official Chinatown. The small, crowded streets of this neighborhood are a lot of fun to go around in. Dragon the lion dancers, firecrackers, trademark red Chinese lanterns, and thousands of worshippers and residents who flock to take part in the fanfare and eat delicious Chinese dinners fill the street and neighboring lanes.

Feast of the Lopburi Monkeys

This Thai culinary festival is unlike any other. Lopburi, about 150 kilometers north of Bangkok, is the site of this annual celebration. Lopburi is well-known for its large population of monkeys, which draws many tourists who come to the area just to feed the primates.

Yi Peng 

Plan your vacation to Thailand around Yi Peng, also known as the Lantern Festival, to witness even more stunning festivals and celebrations. Chiang Mai's Lantern Festival, like those in China and Vietnam, is really unforgettable. Thousands of colorful paper lanterns are released into the air from the shores of the Peng River, and the crowds assemble to watch them drift away on the evening breeze.

Bang Fai Boon

This is a well-known Thai celebration that holds special meaning for the rural areas of the province of Issan in the country's northeast. The celebration is the last big knees up for the hamlet before the planting season begins, so the whole town turns out to celebrate.

Wing Kwai

Wing Kwai, where buffalo races are placed, is expected to be one of the top events in Thailand in 2022. In Thailand, buffalo races are a century-old custom. The course is one hundred yards long and can be seen near Chonburi City Hall in Chonburi, Thailand.