7 Fool-Proof Ways to Beat Sadness

Inculcate these 7 tricks to fight your blues and bring back the sparkling, positive person you are.

A path where faith dies leads us to a sealed tunnel, trapping us into despondency. It’s obvious, no person deliberately wants to invite melancholy in their life, but at the end of the day, we are all young souls trapped in troubled bodies striving for a reason to seek solace.

Our current lifestyle forces us to be independent, and often we find ourselves abandoned, striving hard to exist.

Here are some sure ways to push the negative energy at bay and help the cheerful soul-back in our heart.

  1. Being Mindful-

Being distressed attracts all the negative energy in the world and will unnecessarily keep you worried about every minute detail in your life. Staying mindful will help you block the reinforced misery in your life and help you focus only on your present situation without worrying about the future.

  1. Upbeat Music-

Never underestimate the power of music in your life. Even if you ask professional psychologists, they will tell you, hearing upbeat music might not soothe your ears on an instant but will surely distract you from your melancholy and give you a ray of hope to fight for yourself.

  1. Touch Therapy-

If you face a low and dark phase in your life, try indulging in activities that brush your sense of touch. Then will be the ideal time to use your coupon for massage and acupuncture. Letting blood flow through your body by external contact helps the circulation of oxytocin that keeps you feeling light and snug.

  1. Include Omega 3 Fatty Acid Diet-

Reports done on people who take therapy for their stressed mind suggests that they lack fatty acid in their body. They lead to sleep disorder, anxiety and will incite suicidal thoughts in you. Adding natural fats in your diet along with omega 3 foods improves your health, keeping you feeling fit.

  1. Stop Talking Negative to Yourself-

The more you lose hope, the more cynical you perceive the world to be. The idea is to stop criticizing ourselves for everything and stick to the silver lining. Feeling low is common but encouraging yourself for a better tomorrow is the key to a happy life.

  1. Use Natural Light-

Sad people tend to hide in the dark and confine themselves to solitude. Seasonal Affective Disorder causes you to have your blues generated from lack of sunlight. A sun-kissed place is void of sulking humans. Always make sure there is ample sunlight entering your room to cleanse your aura and recharging it to be a bright one.

  1. Connect With People-

No matter how much you want to stay alone, connect to the people who are close to you and will understand your feelings. Isolation is never the answer to distressed minds. Make regular outings, cuddle pets and engage in healthy exercises to see yourself emerge from the sad times.

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