7 Frozen Lakes Around The World That Are Prettier Than Imagination

The impressive frozen lakes that will bring to life every fairy tale dream you ever had.

The freezing winters might make you wrap layers on your skin, but once you are done adjusting your home’s thermostat, there is no season more appealing than winters. Some places embrace winters more gracefully than others, especially countries in the arctic zone. Here are some areas with lakes and waterbodies that freeze during winters, making it turn into crystal grounds for you to savour nature’s excellence.

  1. Paterswoldse Meer- Netherlands-

Found in the southwestern part of the town, the winter months turn a perfectly relaxing boating lake into a natural skating rink. The frozen lake is a breathtaking sight and attracts tourists from all over the world to the spectacular surrounding.

  1. Superior –USA

The drop in temperature turns the lakes into walkable surfaces till the Apostle Islands. The freezing of the whole island creating ice structures and covering waterfalls makes it an ideal place to enjoy the winter months.

  1. Lake Michigan-Usa-

Winters brings freezing temperatures that freeze the shores, creating perfect grounds for tourists to skate and ski on the Ice. The pier of St. Joseph that becomes a grand Ice sculpture during the winter months gives way to spectacular sites to enjoy while you are there.

  1. Ontario- Canada-

One of the great five lakes in America is a perfect place for water sports during the summer months. In the winters the lake freezes giving way to exciting winter competitions for people to participate in from the whole world.

  1. Prags- Italy-

Surrounded by the Dolomites, Prags Lake is one of the most picturesque places to walk past. The tranquil mountains enclosing the jewel-like lake is like a perfect picture painted by an artist come to life. The ideal winter retreat boosts spectacular winter scene that every winter lover must see at least once in their lifetime.

  1. Abraham-Canada-

The man-made lake has become one of the major tourist attractions in the country. When the temperature drops over -30 degrees, the lake forms unique circles formed with frozen inflammable methane that looks like a vision in the winter lake.

  1. Drhzhby-Antarctica-

In the land of eternal Ice is a lake that is truly a gift of nature. Ice’s unique formations on the lake with scattered water looks like little bubbles on the surface, making it a must for crystal lovers to visit.

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