7 Genius Body And Mind Hacks

Challenge your brain by experimenting with these bewildering hacks that can crucially help us in circumstances we have to meet in our everyday lives.

The human body is one of nature’s finest creations. Through the ages, scientists have been able to explore how our brain reacts, absorbs knowledge, and processes information. However, several body hacks can trick our minds into operating in a way that can be bewildering to us. Go through these 7 amazing ideas that will make you want to try them right now!

  1. To eat lesser, use your non-dominant hand

Struggling to get into a wholesome diet but can’t get rid of thoughts of snack time? Well, we have a perfect idea. Next time you lay your hand to seize the tastiest grub, try eating with your non-dominant hand. As research goes, you will not be able to consume as much as with the hand you are used to.

  1. Ice massage for a toothache

Adapted from ancient healing art, and approved by modern medical science, this ice massage is what you need to heal an aching tooth. Gently press ice compress on the web between your index finger and your thumb and stroke your hand on the same side of your tooth to reduce the distress.

  1. Sleep after memorizing

If you are a student suffering from retention difficulties, you might want to take a nap! Studies have proven that studying continuously at a stretch diminishes your retention capability. Sleeping right after you read can help you remember better and for a prolonged period of time.

  1. Chew gum to concentrate

Focusing on a particular work can be tedious, and we often feel our attention-getting diverted at ends. Studies have proven that chewing while you work can help you improve your concentration and help you stay focused on your work for long.

  1. Hold a pencil with your teeth

As absurd as this seems if you ever feel caught in anxiety or have to cope with immense work stress, smoothly clench a pencil between your teeth. Holding it will turn into a smile and help you work stress-free.

  1. Write down your feelings to perform better

Be it sitting for an interview or giving an exam, if you make a confident note of how you want your day to go, you are obliged to deliver better than otherwise. Writing so sends signals to your brain and will keep you off nervousness to be calm and attentive throughout the day.

  1. Regulate meal times to avoid jet lag

Traveling gives way to bothersome jetlag that we all dread so much. Luckily there is a way to avoid it. All you need to do is adjust your mealtime and have it at the same time during a flight. Doing so will keep you off any unusual food cycle, leading to no jetlag.

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