7 Health Benefits of Thyme

The fragrant herb, often used in pasta and other dishes, is packed with nutrients that benefit the health.

A herb of the mint family, thyme is a spice that has over 400 subspecies that offer a wide range of uses. Ancient Greeks have also used it as incense. In today’s day and age, the distinctive taste of the herb makes it a culinary staple found in almost every kitchen. But it is now gaining traction for its medicinal properties that treat many health problems.

Here we give you a list of health benefits of thyme.

Manages blood pressure levels

Thyme contains an aqueous extract that is known to reduce blood pressure levels in hypertensive patients. It also is a great substitute for salt for heart patients.

Enhances bone health

Thyme is a rich source of Vitamin K, iron, calcium and manganese, all nutrients Thyme is a rich source of Vitamin K, iron, calcium and manganese, all nutrients required to improve the health of the bones. They also help with the growth of bones and reduce the risk of bone-related disease.

Aids in curing cold and cough

The herb contains antibiotic and antibacterial properties making it a great remedy for the common cold, cough, and sore throat. A study showed that herbs can also treat bronchitis. Suffering from these ailments? Try drinking a cup of thyme tea.

Enhances vision

Thyme is packed with Vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin and an antioxidant. This nutrient is essential for skin and healthy mucus membranes and, thus, the herb improves vision.

Helps with digestion

Thyme tea is recommended for people who suffer from bloating and indigestion. The volatile oil in the herb is said to aid with intestinal cramping.

Cures acne

Thyme contains antibacterial properties that help in curing acne. This effect has proved to be stronger than the standard benzoyl peroxide, an active ingredient often used in most acne creams and washes. So, next time look for thyme face washes and cream.

Boosts mood

Thyme essential oils contain the active substance carvacrol that is used for its therapeutic and aromatic purpose. A study also showed that carvacrol aids in boosting the feelings of well-being due to its effect on neuron activity. Use thyme or thyme oil regularly to uplift your mood.

It’s thyme to add the herb and its tea to your diet to reap the benefits.

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