7 herbal teas to strengthen your immune system

Try out these teas brewed with superfoods from your kitchen.

If you’re someone who’s battling a weak immune system, you should definitely try out these 7 herbal teas. And what’s more? They can be easily made with your kitchen ingredients. As they say, a cup of tea can fix anything.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is not only rich in antioxidants, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid you in keeping several illnesses at bay. Additionally, a cup of ginger tea helps you get rid of nasal congestion and other respiratory issues. Moreover, ginger tea helps alleviate headaches, menstrual cramps, and other types of body pains. Add a slice of ginger in boiling water. Strain the tea and in the cup, add honey, cinnamon, haldi or lemon juice.

Haldi Tea

Turmeric or haldi is a superfood, which has been in use for thousands of years. It has strong antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which can fight pathogens like bacteria. A perfect remedy to strengthen your immune system. Make a cup of tea with haldi powder, ginger slices and pepper. Finally, add some lemon juice and honey.

Tulsi Tea

Just like Haldi, Tulsi too can prevent respiratory illnesses and reduce phlegm. It also lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. Make it by blending some ginger, holy basil leaves and cardamom powder to get that perfect tinge of Tulsi tea.

Lemon Tea 

As we all know, lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, which naturally boosts immunity. Having lemon water early in the morning helps in weight loss and relieving chest infections and phlegm. Some water, turmeric, lime juice and honey is the perfect mix for a good lemon tea.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is known for its cooling properties, but it also acts as a muscle relaxant. It aids in fighting clogged sinuses caused by common cough and cold. Add to it, peppermint tea is caffeine-free, so it also helps you in getting good sleep.

Cinnamon Tea

Just like other ingredients, Cinnamon too is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure, thereby raising your immunity levels.

Lemongrass Tea

One fine cup of lemongrass tea can do wonders for your body. It has antimicrobial functions that can treat oral infections and cavities, relieve upset stomach, and quicken one’s metabolism levels. Brew it by adding some lemongrass leaves, mint leaves and honey.

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