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7 Household Items With Expiry Dates That Will Surprise You

It's common knowledge that perishable foods have expiration dates, but did you know that non-consumed items also have an untold expiry date? Read on to know them all!

While most of us try and buy the most durable material possible for goods, we fail to realize that everything has an expiry date, and overusing them without repair would only decrease their efficiency. Read on to know the most common household items and their expiry dates.

Toothbrush – 3 Months

You probably already know that you should clean your teeth 3 times daily, but have you ever thought about how long each tooth brush should last? As long as it's been stored properly, the toothbrush may be used indefinitely. However, its usefulness declines with continued usage. Unless the bristles have already fanned out from use, most dental societies advise changing your toothbrush in three months. If your toothbrush is worn out, it won't clean your teeth as well as it should, and it might even wear away your enamel, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to cavities & sensitivity.

Pillows - 1-2 Years

A soft cushion to lay your head on is essential for a restful night's sleep. However, what if the cushions are worn out? You can tell whether a cushion has seen better days by looking at the expiration date printed here on cover. Dust mites flourish in the warm, moist environment created by a pillow that has absorbed the sleeper's oil, dead skin, and hair.

Mattress – 10 Years

One can't stress the value of a good, supporting mattress. There is a direct correlation between the quality of your mattress and how well you sleep at night. We all know that even the greatest mattresses will eventually need to be replaced, but how long do you anticipate yours to last? Because of the frequent close human touch, germs and mites thrive in mattresses. When mattresses get close to a decade old, the springs often lose tension and become less supportive, which can aggravate back pain and disrupt sleep.

Towels – 1 Year

Depending upon that quality and how you take care of them, the towels' lifespan might range from a few months to many years. Towels mostly start to fray or rip with normal use and maintenance. If clothes still smell musty and moist after washing, then it's likely that bacteria has grown over time and you should let go.

Sponges – 1 Week

Sponge replacement on a weekly basis may seem excessive, but think of all the times germs and bacteria are exposed to food spills and the food debris that gets trapped on the sponge.

Cutting Boards - 1 Year

If you're using a hardwood chopping board, be careful not to make any deep cuts, as this is where harmful bacteria and viruses like E. coli and Salmonella may grow and cause diarrhea and food poisoning.

Makeup Sponge - 3-Months

Sponges tend to go bad quickly. Experts agree that a cosmetic sponge's useful life is around three months. Replace your cosmetic sponge or, even better, switch to something like a silicone sponge, which can be quickly cleaned if it becomes contaminated.