7 Interesting things about Joe Biden – 46th US President

Here are some fun facts about the current President of the United States of America

Joe Biden rose to fame when he emerged victorious against Donald Trump in the Presidential elections of the United States of America (USA) in 2020. The 77-year-old man became the President after a fight between the Republicans and the Democrats.

For those caught unaware, Biden is the 46th President of America and he has spent 5 decades in Washington. As he took charge, he wrote on his social media, “I know sometimes it can feel like you watch me on TV or you see my social media posts, but you’ve never gotten a chance to meet me in real life.”

So we bring you some unknown facts about him:

The oldest U.S. President

Born on Nov. 20, 1942, Biden is 78 years old and when he was sworn-in as the 46th president of the United States, he became the oldest president in American history.

Second Catholic president

He is the second Catholic president in American history after John F. Kennedy.

Biden was bullied as a child

While he was growing up in Scranton, Penns. and later in Wilmington, Biden was bullied for having a stutter, which continued into his early 20s, as per reports of Stuttering Foundation. In fact, he was the one who himself overcame his stutter.

He was a widower

Biden’s first wife, Nelia, passed away during Christmas shopping in 1972 in a car crash. Not just his wife, the accident claimed the life of his 1-year-old daughter, Naomi, as well while their two other children, Beau and Hunter, were left injured but survived. Biden met his current wife Jill on a blind date in 1975 and got married to her on June 17, 1977.

Biden didn’t run in 2016 elections because of his son’s death

Biden’s oldest son, Beau Biden, passed away in 2015 after a battle with brain cancer. He was 46.

2020 was Biden’s third run for president

He ran for USA president two times before, the first time in 1988 when he eventually suspended his campaign due to allegations of plagiarism by British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, and the second time in 2008, when his campaign never gained traction.

He has received the nation’s highest civilian honor

Before former President Barack Obama ended his second term, Biden was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the nation’s highest civilian honor.

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