7 Kinds of Coffee You Should Try

Be a barista and spill the coffee beans of 7 exotic flavors to pamper your taste buds during the lockdown.

What could be better than a cup bearing the most exotic aromatic coffee? As a coffee lover, that is what we live for. From the first beverage in the morning to your best friend during a short break, coffee in hand makes everything more pleasant. You will be astonished to know how many varieties of coffee are actually there. Let’s spill the beans and let you know about 10 types of coffees you must try.

  1. Espresso-

Expresso is one of the most popular coffee and is made with the correct amount of pure roasted beans, steamed milk, and whipped foam if you like. If you have developed a taste for black coffee, you are surely going to relish this. The best part about expresso is, you can enjoy this even in a keto diet.

  1. Cappuccino-

Cappuccino is going to follow you worldwide. So if this is your favorite, you can find it around the world in every restaurant. The rich aroma of the coffee blends in perfectly, creating a foamy texture that is a feast for your eye and tongue.

  1. Café Late-

You can make a latte by adding milk and compressed foam to an expresso. The aroma of fresh burnt beans with the creamy milk is going to churn up your taste buds. A happy selfie with a coffee mustache is what you need after the very first sip!

  1. Americano-

If you are not a fan of expresso and would like to linger around the safe side of a black coffee, try Americano. They are like diluted espresso shots in a cup of warm water. To make it look exotic, you can plant a cake of whipped cream on top.

  1. Café Mocha-

Also known as chocolate coffee, it is made with a ratio of two shots of espresso, two parts of steamed milk, and one part of chocolate syrup. If you are a sweet tooth, you can add Choco chip over your whipped cream garnish on your cup to make it a delicious coffee treat.

  1. Caramel Macchiato-

This caramel coffee is particularly preferred for those who like it sweet. The tasty roasted beans whipped in cream milk, espresso and caramel taste like no other. You can team it with chocolate wafers to serve the perfect evening snacks.

  1. Turkish coffee-

The Turkish coffee is a beverage popular in the Middle East. To prepare it, you need powdered ground coffee put in boiling water. When the boiling is done, a dense foam builds up in the utensil. Add sugar to it and seal it with a lid to let the sugar melt in. Pour out the rich coffee in a cup and have it with lokum that is the traditional recipe that goes along with the Turkish coffee.

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