7 Kinds Of Earrings That Make Up For Every Kind Of Outfit

Love trinkets adorning your ears? We got the best ones selected for you!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness did not purchase some really cool earrings with their money! What makes gifting girls ten times easier is that they love earrings, and one can never have enough of them! There are millions of kinds to choose from, and each brings a feminine charm to your face. Be it perky, sassy, classic or traditional, there is one for every look! Here are some of the kinds every girl should own!

Stud Earrings-

These are the kind you would want to wear all year round. A tiny little something that gives you shine and makes sure your piercing doesn’t close! Get yourself a non-reactive metal, so it does not irritate your skin, and keep it light and simple!

Drop Earrings-

These are ideal for the small occasions you go to. A little dangler to go with your frilly dress. You can add a small pearl, stone or even diamond as you like. If you want casual, you can try some artificial stone to dangle, but be sure to change it to avoid skin irritation.

Shoulder Dusting Danglers-

Why go for subtle when you can try something really bold. Get long dangling shoulder chains to make your neck look longer. Pair it with a sweetheart neck dress, and you are good to go!

Hoop Earrings-

It’s a blessing for anyone who likes being perky. Hoop earrings look perfect no matter what your haircut is. Get yourself some really trendy hoops with enamel that will go perfectly with your western wear and Indian.

Huggie Earrings-

This is the kind of earing you can sleep in. if you have multiple piercings and need something to keep your ears at rest, this is the one to wear. It fits your earlobe perfectly and keeps your ears light and comfortable.

Ear Cuffs-

If you like keeping your ears heavy, ear cuffs are the way to go about it. There are many cool designs like a dragon to decorate your cuff with. You can even get one to wear if you don’t have your ears pierced.

Chandelier Earrings-

These work best with an Indian outfit. Get yourself a really decked chandelier earing, and you won’t have to worry about wearing any other statement jewellery!

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