7 Most Female-Friendly Destinations To Visit In India

The people of India are welcoming and it’s a beautiful place to visit. In spite of the fact that India provides you with a unique experience, it is not a place that is recommended for women to travel alone, especially when the entire country is featured in the crime section of the newspaper – often.

There are some dangerous places in India, where walking the streets can seem to be a rerun of Khatron KeKhiladi, but India is not only a negative story. India’s Ministry of Tourism reports that the number of single female travelers is increasing. Keeping the safety of women travellers in mind, here is a list of specific areas of India that are great, safe, and enjoyable.


Despite being subjected to exploitation due to commercialization, the well-kept grace of Ladakh endures. You can expect to build an inexplicably strong bond with this magnificent area. A cold, barren desert from which there is a ringing of the mountains. Ladakh is the perfect destination for a holiday that offers a respite from the scorching heat.


The “Scotland of the East” provides an awe-inspiring experience for anyone willing to travel. The region is located in the northeast. This is perhaps one of the most desirable destinations for women who want to explore the sparkling lakes, the green hills, the pine trees, mysterious waterfalls and thrilling activities that make Shillong an extremely popular tourist destination.


Travelers visiting India often visit Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, as it is a safe place for women to explore on their own. In addition to its adventure activities and leisure activities, Gangtok is an ideal getaway for solo travelers. The top attractions in Gangtok include Nathu La, Hanuman Tok, Rumtek Monastery, Khecheopalri Lake, and Phodong Monastery – do not miss them.


The small village of Hampi will change your perception of India because it has so much to offer to its urban neighbors! People here are warm, welcoming, and culturally literate. Vijayanagar’s ancient ruins have a thousand stories in their sandstones and are best explored in peace. The place is perfect for travelers as it offers affordable lodging, allows you to meet new people from all over the world. If you’re curious, Hampi was the most affluent and largest settlement of humans in its time. If you are looking to travel and discover ancient architectural areas and sites, Hampi is the ideal place to be!

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