7 Movies That Changed the World

A list of 7 films that did more than entertain us, they changed the world for the better!

Movies are the most outstanding teachers. Be it sci-fi, crime movies or love stories; we take back some motivation from them. You will be surprised to know how some movies shaped the real world. Ready to hear it? Who knows, maybe you have already seen them!

  1. Black Panther-

One of the most fabulous creations among Avengers Universe, Black Panther, did more than entertain us. People got motivated to adopt black cats from shelters. The best outcome being, no street cat was left without a home! Before the movie, for superstitious reasons, black cats were avoided. But the cinema turned out to be a blessing for the cute munchkins!

  1. Bambi-

This all-time Disney classic Bambi is not only a marvel of creation but brings tears to our eyes. A favourite of both adults and kids alike, releasing this movie diminished the percentage of deer hunters by 50%. The hunters who were family people were captivated by the “Bambi effect”, and the film stood out as a symbol of animal rights.

  1. The Silence of the Lambs-

The highlight of the movie was FBI agents. The members of Bureau banked on getting more cadets after the release of this movie. Having a female lead for the film, and the outcome of her vigorous training in Quantico base inspired girls to look into the FBI as an option for employment.

  1. Jaws-

No one can forget the trauma after watching the shark teeth! The release of this movie made people get more accountable when they spent their holidays on beaches. Swimming restrictions and safety rules improved. Shark prone beaches were quickly evacuated, with the help of nets.

  1. Baywatch-

The episodes of this movie got youth engaged in enrolling and training of lifeguards. The sale of red swimsuits increased, and the pay scale of lifeguards who have an indispensable role in keeping your life secure got elevated.

  1. The X-Files-

This series got people more involved in spotting UFO and space creatures on earth. The more popular the show became, the more people went on uploading videos of UFO, and alien footage that instantly seized the notice of the whole world.

  1. House M.D-

You will be amused to know that even doctors were encouraged by this series! Sometimes doctors fail to get the correct analysis of patients that makes things more critical.

One of the cases in House helped a doctor diagnose the patient right as he had infected himself with the metal implant in his leg.

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