7 of the world’s famous superfoods that have their origins in India

A look at some ‘miracle foods’ that have originated in India but are loved by people across the globe


As we all know, the Western world is obsessed with ‘golden milk’ (locally known as haldi doodh) and lotus seeds aka makhana. From their medicinal properties to treating aching tummies, the following foods are not only getting famous with each passing day but have been marketed as ‘miracle foods’ or ‘superfoods’ by people across the globe. Let’s take a look:


Lotus seeds


Lotus seeds, which are puffed up like cotton balls, have become a popular snack in the Western world. Known as makhana in India, they are not only low in fat and sodium but are rich in protein, magnesium, fibre, potassium, zinc and iron.


Amla (or gooseberry)


You must have had amla chutney or pickle sometime or the other? However, in the west, it is known as gooseberry and is highly used in face and body care products.


Coconut oil


Frizzy and dull hair? Use coconut oil. Flaky skin? Use coconut oil. Acne marks? Use coconut oil. It is one superfood that can be eaten, cooked and used as a moisturiser for your hair and body. Well, always keep this one at home for its multiple benefits, which have mesmerised the Westerners as well. 


Moringa powder


Commonly known as ‘drumstick’ or ‘the drumstick tree’ in Indians, you must have had moringa powder in your morning concoction. However, people across the globe are now realising its uses by having moringa teas, supplements and powders as an organic weight loss aid.


Ragi (or finger millet)


Since a long time, Ragi has been used as a staple in South India. While it originated in Africa, Uganda and Ethiopia, this gluten-free whole grain is being cultivated and used across our country for centuries. Ragi helps in weight loss and diabetes control as it is packed with fibre, calcium, good carbs, amino acids and Vitamin D. People nowadays use Ragi to make pancakes, porridge and other variety of health-conscious dishes. 



Ghee (or clarified butter) has been used in India since generations. By removing the lactose from cow milk, you get pure butter oil. Since it is nutrient-rich and free of milk proteins, it is ideal for people who have dairy intolerances. 




Last but not the least, Turmeric milk that Indians have been using for a long time, is now crafted into fancy lattes because of its many health benefits. The Ayurvedic spice, which is widely used in medicines and herbal medicines, can cure several illnesses and ailments apart from being used to clear the skin from any form of infection.