7 Philosophies That Changed The World

Put on your thinking caps for these are the most significant philosophies that changed the face of the world for the best.

Even though the modern world is paved strictly on scientific research that asks for sound output, the basis of thinking and conceptualising is left alone to philosophers. Even though must reluctant as a field to emphasis your career on in recent times, here are the philosophies that can help you review the way you see the world.

  1. Solipsism-

Revolving around the idea that no one can confirm anything but their own existence is what Solopsism stands on. Imagining that everything is hallucination and everything that we see could be mere dreaming in subconscious makes you rethink about the way you saw yourself in your life. Makes you live in the Matrix movie, isn’t it?

  1. Idealism-

Do not confuse it with being idealistic because it has no direct relation to it. Presence is something that fundamentally exists on a fundamental level. An assertion that no one can be certain if all putative outer knowledge is not mere subconscious.

  1. Phenomenalism-

Nothing can exist beyond what can’t be observed by the person. If you can see, touch and feel a particular thing, it’s real. But if something is unseen by your vision, it is probably untrue.

  1. Presentism-

The acknowledging of the present and not believing in past or future is what presentism stands for. Everything in the past is unreal, and the only real this is the physical presence that you are accountable for. The very trial of having time travel is hilarious as the time before and hence does not exist.

  1. Eternalism-

Contrary to presentism, eternalism believes in past, present and future to be equal and in parallel flow. We are capable of changing the future only because we are living in the present and working towards the end.

  1. Nihilism-

Nihilism exists on the base that life has no inherent goal or purpose. The simple pain and pleasure of life are also nullified. The absence in any motive to conquer or accomplish in life makes you lead the most sincere lifestyle.

  1. Hedonism-

Hedonism considers pleasure as its ultimate goal in life. From simple activities that give you happiness like eating, sleeping, talking, are the goals that life rests on—the survival of humans on how happy they have been.

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